How I Edit My Blog Photos W/O Photoshop


See The Stars - How I Edit My Photos
See The Stars - How I Edit My Photos
See The Stars - How I Edit My Photos


If you read last weeks post, I shared how I take my photos & a little insight to my layouts etc, today I'm going to TRY and explain how I edit these photos. This is just a way that works best for me and you've potentially got a much better editing software or better lighting, but this is for the bloggers who live in the darkest home & without artificial lighting - I've come to save you and show you how I transform dull images to bright blog-worthy photos. 


Almost every computer comes ready with some form of photo editing, some are admittedly better than others. Over the years I've tested out a few softwares, some have long been deleted and others just didn't work out for me. If you're a simple editor and you don't want to make too many changes to a photo, most photo previews on a computer will simply allow you to change you brighten/contrast etc but most softwares give a little bit more. 

Here are a few softwares I've used: 
1. Photo Preview (on my iMac)
2. Photoshop
3. Pic Monkey
4. Pixlr
5. Polarr Photo Editor Lite
6. Others are available in the app store or online. 

I'v used each of these and after three years I've finally found the best software for me. I'm currently using POLARR, it's an app downloaded to my iMac (which is also downloadable to your iPad & Phone)...I'm not sure if it's available for PC.  I personally use it for adding filters, correcting colours, brightness and contrast etc. I tend to follow a process where I edit the one photos, take note of how I've edited it and repeat - this way all photographs are similar. 

POLARR LITE is a free app to download, however you can purchase the full version for more editing options etc. )


Getting my photographs perfectly aligned is like my worst nightmare...I can take the prettiest picture but still be bugged that it's slightly out of place. When taking my photographs I tend to keep the lines for the rule of thirds visible so I can align my image. When they're still a little wonky, thankfully (again) POLARR is the app to help with this, that and PIC MONKEY are good for aligning and cropping photos. I can just adjust the image until it's perfect. 


Editing is time consuming, so much so I forget how long it takes when I want to write & upload a quick blog post - usually my Sunday Summary...Although, if you're happy with you photos and don't need to edit them, I applaud you and hope you continue doing what you're happy with. As you can see from my before & after photos [below] the lighting in my bedroom isn't amazing & as I mentioned in last weeks post I don't feel the need to purchase artificial lighting as my editing is my quick fix.

Since using POLARR my process has changed, whereas before I would only change brightness & contrast, this time round I can make changes to so much more. 

1. Choose a filter - usually a film filter, which adds a little brightness & vibrant to colours. 
2. Change the colour temperature, usually making them a little warmer. 
3. Then I'll make the biggest changes - the exposure, brightness & contrast.
4. Highlight, Shadows, Black & Whites are next on the list - however I only make minor changes here. 
5. Finally I'll play around with the Curves. This isn't always essential, but can really add that finish touch to every photograph. 

There you have it! This post was a little more challenging to write than I thought it would be! I'm glad I've found a process when it comes to my editing and I'm definitely impressed with the software I've found. If you have any processes or tips to share, please leave them below. 

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  1. This is really helpful. I'm getting that app right meow! Your photography is beautious btw. Xo


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