Makeup Revolution: Flawless Palette Review


Flawless Palette: Review. 

If you've been following See The Stars for a while now, you may have noticed my devotion to this Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette. Yep, devotion! I'm 110% in love with this palette, I lost my first palette a couple months ago and was totally lost without it. I tried to fill the void and purchase a couple of new palettes along the way but nothing helped me create the looks like the Flawless does. 

The palette has a variety of shades; matter and shimmer. The last time I purchased this palette I was all for the shimmers and I wouldn't go near the matters, I'm trying to expand my skills this summer (I'm doing the makeup of mine & the bridesmaids of my best friends wedding in September). 

This palette is filled with 32 different shades, majority I've rediscovered, others I'm ecstatic to use again and some I'm using for the first time. {the MR palettes name each shadow - but I lost the plastic while writing this} I've started using the chocolate matte shade for my crease, the more product you use the deeper the definition, however I'm trying to perfect the subtle definition and I'll add the black glittery shade in the outer corner to give that deep smokey look. What I love most about these two shades is that I can go from subtle everyday to my favourite smokey look. I'm also a little obsessed with the shimmers, the lightest glittery colours really put that sparkle in the inner corner of my eyes. I'd love to get my hands on some glitter pigment pots soon, but until then, these are doing the trick. If you take a look at the images of this palette above ^. You'll probably be able to noticed the middle 9 fav shades. The rosy pinks, rose gold and the sparkly reds, I'd never imagine I'd fall in love with colours as much as I have. While the rosy shades are available in many palettes, some I already own I've yet to come across a palette that involved red colours and I'm on the look out for more. Who knew red eye-shadows who suit my hazel/brown eyes so much! 

I can't find enough words to tell you how in love I am with this palette. For £8 this palette is super affordable and I'd say essential to everyone's makeup collection. Makeup Revolution 32 Shade Palettes are usually among their most popular products. I want to venture into experimenting with more of the matte shades and even see what looks I can create with the green and blue shades, I'll get practicing and keep you posted.



  1. This palette and makeup look is beautiful, as are you!

  2. The palette colours look great and seems to have good pigmentation, plus it looks great on you!

    Gabrielle Isabella x


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