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See The Stars - Free Printable Calendar
See The Stars - Free Printable Calendar
See The Stars - Free Printable Calendar
See The Stars - Free Printable Calendar


It's almost over! My month of blogging tips has gone by in a flash and I'm pretty gutted, but truth be told I feel well out of my depth and still have so much to learn myself. Either way I've had some amazing feedback from my posts and I'm really grateful for that. To complete this month, I wanted to give something back to all my readers. It's nothing big, it's not another giveaway - but 12 months of printable's. Can I get a whoop...anyone?

I've seen many bloggers create and share these and I definitely wanted to do something similar. If you've read the other posts you'll have seen my how I organised my blog where I discussed how Google Calendar has become my lifesaver and oh boy, it continues too. But there's something I love about putting pen to paper. Diaries don't work out and notebooks get lost over time, so I decided to create my calendars. I pretty much transfer any posts I have planned on to the calendar and use this as a place to jot down any other ideas, this way it's right in front of me all the time and that's so much easier.

I've created enough boxes to fit in every day of each month. 31 in total - I've given the freedom to write the dates yourself, incase you're a little more creative than I am. There's also enough space to write down all your ideas or to-do lists, along with notes. I wanted it to be a calendar of free range, so while you've got a layout you've also got that chance to make it your own - and I know so many of you are so creative that it won't be a problem. 

- you can download the 12 months, here

I'm asking for nothing in return, just that if you download - I'd love if you left me a little comment. I hope these print outs can help you become a more organised person. 


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  1. This is such a good idea! I will definitely be downloading! Thanks for sharing X

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