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I've been blogging for three years and my blog has been some what of a love/hate relationship at times. Throughout this year I've been more determined than ever to make changed to my blog: design, content and everything in between. Recently I've been scrolling through my posts old and new, checking out all my photography and even read through some pretty cringe posts.

I've made a massive change to the blog I once wrote in 2013, but also to the blog I was writing 12 months ago. I've wanted to pack up See The Stars and make a fresh start numerous times, but I've stuck with it and kept making changes until I was happy. Because of these changes I wanted to share with you what I've done different, some are basic points but I've really got my arse in gear and I'm so in love with my little corner of the internet as of late.

I wanted to give some insight to new and old bloggers who're stressed over where to start and those thinking they're going wrong (which, FYI, you're not going wrong, everyone's blog moves at different paces). These small changes have made some big improvements to my style of blogging and my blog quality over the last couple of months, so I hope they help you too.     

See The Stars - How I Improved My Blog

Whether it be on my phone or in the hundred (OK, that's a little exaggeration) notebooks, I'll always be jotting bits down. Usually it's post ideas, a monthly schedules and when I'm really struggling to stay focused on writing a post, I'll write it on paper and then type it up. 
Seeing my ideas written down makes everything a little clearer and if I don't write it down once the light bulb goes off, it could be gone forever...I was half asleep a few weeks ago when I had the BEST blog idea, fell back to sleep and can't for the life of me remember what it was, I wish I could remember to take notes while I'm practically still sleeping. 
Not everyone can find the time to do this one, I sure as hell struggled with it. Luckily when inspiration strikes I'll have a bulk photography & editing session and posts will then either be ready to write or already in the schedule. What was my original problem was I would take photographs, attempt (yet fail) at editing them and write my content on the day I wanted a post to go live...this was a whole lot easier when I was a student but not so much now. I tend to write a few posts at a time now, so I'll have plenty of content ready and waiting. Whether I have a schedule set for them they go live or have them waiting for when I think it'll be appropriate, also having so many posts ready and waiting is perfect for those weeks when I'm struggling with writers block, just as a back up! 

I'm such a bad blogger, it's taken 3+ years to figure even the simplest bits when it comes to SEO. It's not been until recently that it's made the slightest bit of sense. While before I genuinely thought I had to be some kind of HTML genius to figure out SEO, turns out it's simple things like naming images, updating my permalink & writing a description makes the biggest difference. 
Here's a beginners guide to seo which has helped me massively. What I've started doing is making sure I've updated everything in the post settings before uploading. This includes creating labels so that posts are easier to search for throughout my blog. I'll update my permalink so that it's not too long, just including keywords but keeping it short. And finally the one I find most difficult to remember is writing a search description, again using keywords/points and giving a basic overview of what the post is about. Along with these I'll also name all my images as I save them, then once uploaded to my draft will go to image properties & add a ALT TEXT title. Usually along the lines of 'See The Stars - POST NAME'. 

This obviously goes hand in hand with the above point, but this is just finding a schedule in general. Over the years I've written with a schedule and I've written without one. I've posted everyday, every other day and usually just when I feel like it. If you're comfortable with your routine, by all means don't make those changes. I was comfortable for a long time writing and uploading when I felt like it, having a schedule has just made things a little easier for my personal routine...while my work schedule changes weekly, at least my blogging has some order. 

My current schedule is: 10AM //  Sunday - Wednesday - Friday
I've always enjoyed my photography and it's possibly the part of my blog I like the most and the thing I've tried to keep improving. While my content and figuring out the rest of the blogging 'things' are important to me (SEO etc.), I've always wanted my photography to get that little bit better. If you're budget is only the use of your phone, I give you all the high fives because mine never looked good, but I've always used my DSLR and it's only been until recently that I've improved this much. I've found my background, my layouts and I've almost got my flat-lay's all worked out. Just keep trying when it comes to your photography, style, layouts and quality will always be changing, so it's something we can always continue working on. But I'll write more about this is another post later this month. 

For a long time I focused purely on beauty and the occasional fashion posts, but I always wanted to include more lifestyle posts...but I've never been confident with taking photos while on the average day out, especially when the people I'm with don't understand it. But I've found a way of combining all three genres into my blogging life, I try and post at least one lifestyle and one beauty post each week and continuing to throw in a fashion post when I can. What's blowing my mind is that my lifestyle posts, SUNDAY SUMMARY'S in particular are working out so well and I'm so thankful for that. It's given me the push to continue writing about what I want to write about and know I'll always have followers supporting every post I write.

As you can clearly see, I've just worked a little harder on the bits to make my blogging a little smoother. I'm really happy with my blog right now, my followers are increasing, my own work is improving and I'm getting so much love and support from other bloggers it's insane, so I thank everyone for helping me out and I hope this helps everyone, even just a little bit.



  1. I love this post - as a new blogger it's always helpful to get tips from other writers. I think the "naming images" one is definitely something new, that I haven't heard before! Thanks for sharing.

    Vee // veeosullivan.co.uk

  2. I love this post! I am so glad you are making progress with your blog! I think it looks so professional! I find planning advance and scheduling the best things that help me improve my blog xxx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. I'm a novice blogger and this article is extremely helpful. I've learned that reading other bloggers work is vital

  4. Some really good points, great post! :)

    Neelam | www.neelamjayna.blogspot.co.uk


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