Keeping Organised As A Part Time Blogger


See The Stars - Keeping Organised as a Part Time Blogger
See The Stars - Keeping Organised as a Part Time Blogger
See The Stars - Keeping Organised as a Part Time Blogger


First and for-most I should probably admit how un-organised my life is, I don't remember what I've got planned from day to day so the fact I've managed to grasp some organisation when it comes to my blogging, I deserve some kind of medal. I used to go with the flow when it came to my blog, as I spoke about in my How I Improved My Blog post. As of recent months I've got my arse in gear and I've made so many changes, again I spoke about in the previous post.
Today I wanted to share some of the way I've kept my blog organised while I juggle my blog, work and social life.


This may seem like the most obvious, of course blogging days are essential to keeping onto of all my blog needs. I work a full time job, spend majority of my free time between seeing friends and my boyfriend so finding time to blog is tough. Usually I'll blog here and there when I've got some time free throughout my day, but usually at least once a week I'll have a day off work and everyone else is working until the evening and those day's become dedicated to blogging, I'll write a to-do list for the day, I'll reply to email, reply to comments, do some bulk photography and write posts. Not everything will get ticked off that list but as long as I've made a good start, it doesn't feel like a wasted day. 


I've tried diaries, lists and all things like that and every time they've found there way back to my bookcase and I forget about them. Google calendar has become my life saver since then, I must thanks Charlotte for showing me this, I can see the whole month in one easy view, plans and decide what posts can be uploaded. Recently this has worked wonders for working with brands as I can give them a time scale of when there posts will go live.

Recently I've started creating a similar calendar (following my google calendar) for my bedroom wall. I've started collection favourite photos & prints and making a print wall in my desk corner. Adding a hand written copy of my calendar just makes it a little easier to glance over - I'll be sharing this a little more in a more detailed post at the end of the month, so keep an eye out. 


Something I didn't start doing until recently was scheduling. Not only posts but tweets too! Now I'm using Google calendar to run my life it's made scheduling so much easier, whether or not the post is complete I'll usually schedule said post ready. Then work on it until that day (I was just editing a post at 9:59am and the post was going live at 10am). Seeing these posts in the scheduled list reminds that I've content prepared.

Then comes onto getting scheduled throughout my social media, while I can't plan my instagram posts in advance, I try to tell myself each day to upload a new snap to share my blog through that platform. But BUFFER has become my lifesaver lately. Whilst you can only schedule up to 10 posts at a time, it also saves all your previously shared links, so if I'm in a rush and I haven't got a new post live...I can just RE-BUFFER older content and I've got my blog promotion sorted. Buffer also links up to Facebook, Linked-In, Google + and for a short period Pinterest.  


I briefly mentioned this in my previous post, but whether it be a to-do list, ideas or bulletting what I want to talk about in a post, if I transfer my ideas from my -usually jumbled- mind to paper I can look back and it brings that inspiration back. I'll then use my blogging days to try and transfer those ideas from paper to screen. Usually this doesn't always go to plan, but knowing I've got those ideas to look back on make things a little easier to write the posts gradually. 


Something that I've really benefitted from is knowing my limits. Rather than creating content that just isn't right, I'll take a step back. Whether that be to take an hour out, grab a cuppa and watch some Netflix or even taking a few days away. We all can agree that forced content isn't good content, so if you're struggling take that step back and clear your mind. I find knowing when to stop keeps it organised as it'll calm me down and allow me to find my own time to figure it out. 

I've many other bloggers who seem 100% more organised them I am, but they've also been the ones that have given me the kick up the bum to get organised, to make these changes and work on improving my blog - so if you're an organised person and have everything ready in advance, I take my hat off to you & thank you dearly. I also hope this helps you who're struggling to find that organisation & slowly get there. 


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