Olsen Twin's DVDs: Childhood Favourites.


See The Stars - Mary-Kate & Ashley DVDS
See The Stars - Olsen Twin DVD collection

Olsen Twin's DVDs: Childhood Favourites. 

Back in March I spent every free moment watching Full House, the 80's TV series that brought fame to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. While I didn't watch this series until I was around 18, I've been obsessed with the Olsen Twins since my childhood and after chatting with blogging pal Laura, I made a late night decision to treat myself to almost all their DVD's. While I know theres more from their younger years, the ones are picked up play a bigger part in my childhood and when they we're all costing less then £1 each, I couldn't really resist.

After - very little - persuading from Laura, I found I could pick these up rather cheap in the USED section on Amazon and found some of these DVD's for as little as 11p, yep eleven pence I couldn't help but continue to add my ultimate favourites to my basket. I've still got the majority of these films on VHS but I thought it was time to upgrade.

So while I'm stupidly excited that these are back in my possession, I can't help but be reminded at how terrible these films are. If it's not the camera angles, music or some times the storylines, it's the acting...but something about this make it's so cheesy and so much more nostalgic. 

MK & A went through a series of film which involved them travelling the world, lucky girls! I think these film series are the reasons behind my wanderlust dreaming. In this film they witness a robbery and are put into witness protection, trouble is, they're massive blabber mouths. So they end up moving to almost every country and end up in Australia. They meet some super cute aussie boys (who I fancied the pants off when I was 10), some stereotypical 'Sheila's' and of course the populars at school. They have struggles getting in with the popular group, fall for the surfer boys and get into a little trouble with the mafia family they're running away from. I watched this film on my 23rd birthday and I'm not even ashamed. 

I was given this film as a present when I was 10 years old when I was going to be getting a kitten and the lady gave my cat away...this was my condolence present! Instead a few months later, I was obsessed with this film and found the most adorable ginger kitty..who turned into a evil little shit, but that's beside the point! The girls just turn 16 and get their driving license and when I was 10, they made driving & friendships look so simple. Once they'd got their license the girls along with their best friends drove to Utah to see the Winter Games! I've wanted a Mustang & to ski since I first watched this film, there were many troubles along the way & nothing works out perfectly for them, but something about this film just makes this my all time favourite of theirs. 

Seeing the Olsen girls in the UK made this film a little more exciting for me, while London isn't exactly down the street to where I live, knowing they created a film in this country makes the film all the more exciting and relatable for a Brit. Again I watched this on my 23rd birthday & forgot how much I loved it! The girls are part of the Model UN (United Nations), which focuses on the possible political issues, they come to London & meet a cute British boy who's father is a Lord. It's very stereotypically, London folk..which we all know isn't what it's like AT ALL! The girls get to see London with their friends, shop and fall in love with cute boys! 

It's surprising that I'm not a girl of sports; as much as I've always tried to get into sports they've always seemed too complicated for me to follow. That being said, two of my favourite films are based around football/soccer! Switching Goals may have been one of the first Mary-Kate & Ashley films I remember watching. The twins are complete opposites; one likes sports while the other is girly...your standard teen twin film, they trade places and in the end there parents appreciate the differences and similarities these girls share.

Cheesy teen films like this are something I'll never not love. I'll always need these kinds of films in my life. Easy going, light hearted and if I end up taking a nap half way through, I know I haven't missed much because I've watched it a thousand times before and will watch it a thousand times again. 

What were your favourite childhood films? Did you have a favourite actor or character? 


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