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Now, I know I'm not the only one but I'm terrible at Twitter Chats whether it be that I'm working or I've simply forgotten. Over the last few years I've noticed the importance of these chats and all the blogging friends I've made from them. 

When I first started blogging I didn't know about the blogging community, I simple wrote my blog post & shared it on Twitter anyway. Over time I've found this amazing community who continues to support and inspire me every single day, and sometimes I don't know why. When I first started blogging not many chats we're around, it's down to motivated bloggers who have continued to create more spaces within the community for bloggers of all niche's to feel welcome. It started with beauty, lifestyle and fashion chats...which has now expanded to travel, disney and mental health chats. The Girl Gang has even been created as not only a weekly chat but a place that girls (and guys too) can keep connected and make friends. And I think it's wonderful and if you're struggling to find your place in the blogging world, know that on twitter there's a whole community ready and waiting for you!  

My trouble with the online community, is finding the time to be involved. While I highly recommend that to make blogger friends, to make new connects and to expand your blog traffic, staying active online is key!..I'm aware that not everyone can find the time. I work full time hours and my shifts change weekly and I have no idea what I'm doing from week to week. I've missed out on many chats and not even noticed (until writing this post) how many chat we're out there. 

So for today's post I wanted to leave with you a list of blogger chats, times and topics throughout the whole week.

#beechat - 5-6pm. A chat for everyone to join. 
#teacupclub - 5-6pm (BST). Grab yourself a cuppa and join the chat.
#thegirlgang - 6-7pm. A blogging community chat created by Jemma (Dork Face). 
#girlstravel - 6-7pm. A travel chat. 
#bdib - 7-8pm. Bloggers do it better chat.
#beautybabble - 8-9pm. A chat for all thing beauty. 
#MHmonday - 8-9pm. A mental health chat.
#healthyselves - 8-9pm.  A chat about overall health. Mental, psychical, etc. 
#pbloggers - 8-9pm. A chat for parent bloggers.
#sassybloggers - 9-10pm. A new chat run by Coconut Lane, for their Coconut Queens. 
#blogtrends - 9-10pm. ET. Fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger chat. 

#misfitbloggers - 6-7pm. A general chat, everyone's welcome. 
#askablogger - 7-8 pm. General chat, new host & topic each week. 
#craftblogclub - 7-8pm. A chat for crafty, DIY & creative bloggers. 
#bookbloggers - 7-8pm. A chat all about reading & books! 
#fblchat - 8-9pm. Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle blogger chat. 
#FABbloggers - 8-9pm. A fashion & beauty chat. 
#UKBlogTalk - 8-9pm. A chat for UK bloggers. 
#Bloghour - 9-10pm. A general bloggers chat. 

#realtalk - 6-7pm. A new chat about real, honest conversations. (first chat 27/7). 
#blogtalk 6-7pm. A general bloggers chat - (starts august 3rd 2016).
#lbloggers - 7-8pm. A lifestyle chat, new host and topics each week. 
#chattybloggers - 7-8pm. A lifestyle & beauty mixed chat for chatty people.  
#blognix - 8-9pm. A general bloggers chat. 
#abzchat - 8-9pm. For Aberdeen bloggers.
#bbloggers - 8-9pm. A general chat for all beauty lovers. 
#stylechat - 8-9pm. A fashion chat. 
#welshbloggers - 9-10pm. A chat for Welsh bloggers. 
#latenightblogs - 9-10pm. Perfect for chat if you're a night owl. 
#veganbloggers - 9-10pm. Vegan bloggers chat. 
#blogtacular - 9-10pm. A general chat for bloggers. 

#crazybloggers - 7-8pm. A chat for all bloggers, new topics each week. 
#bloggerspace - 7-8pm. A general bloggers chat. 
#disneybloggerschat - 8-9pm. A Disney filled chat for every Disney lover. 
#30PlusBlogs - 8-9pm. Run by WeAreThirtyPlus, a blogger chat for all ages. 
#cfbloggers - 9-10 pm. Cruelty free chat. 
#cbloggers - For creative bloggers 
#beechat - 9-10pm. A chat for everyone to join. 

#gbloggers - 7-8pm. Stands for Gorgeous Bloggers, a general chat for everyone. 
#bdib - 8-9pm. Bloggers Do It Better, a general bloggers chat. 
#UKbloggers - 9-10pm. A general chat for UK bloggers. 
#moonchat - 00-01am. A general chat for Night Owls. 

#fblchat - 3-4pm. A general fashion, beauty, lifestyle chat. 
#socialbloggers - 6-7pm. A chat for all bloggers, usually about online tips & uses etc. 
#tbloggers - A chat for all teenage bloggers - 8-9pm 

#Bloggerationchat - 9:30-10:30am. Run by Online Magazine, Bloggeration. 
#teacupclub - 5-6pm (BST). Grab yourself a cuppa and join the chat.
#blogtalk 6-7pm. A general bloggers chat - (starts august 3rd 2016).
#lbloggers - 7-8pm. Lifestyle chat, a new host and topic each week.
#bbloggers - 8-9pm. A weekly beauty chat, usually a general chit chat. 
#chattybees - 8-9 pm. 
#blogospherechat - 8-9pm 
#gossipbloggers - 8.30 - 9:30pm. A fortnightly chat, for all random gossip bloggers. 
#bbeautychat - 9-10 pm. A beauty bloggers chat. 

If there's any I've missed or any you've created...please let me know and I can update this list. I hope this is helpful to you all. 



  1. The most helpful post 👊👊👊

  2. I didn't know how many Twitter chats there were! I'll def try to join in on a few! xo


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