Sunday Summary #8 : Scavenger Hunt


Sunday Summary #8

Happy Sunday everyone! 
Just a quick post today, it's currently 8am, I've got to leave for work in half an hour and I haven't written this weeks Sunday post. 

I had an un-intention week off work this week and I'm a little nervous about going back this morning. While I was actually working during last week I was training & doing bits a little more behind the scenes so popping on my uniform and working a normal shift feels quiet nerve-wrecking this weekend. I know I'm over-reacting and it'll be fine, but that's the kind of person I am. 

I dyed my hair back to GREY this week, I decided to give colour freedom another chance after a disappointing review, here. I guess the blue tones will fade over time and it'll look a little more grey soon but for now I've thrown my hair up to hide the shade since. I also want to say how in love I am with everyone for their kind words about this makeup look and how you're all keeping me inspired when it comes to my blog. As I've mentioned MANY times before, I've always fell in love with my blogging and usually loose motivation pretty quickly, I'm really on top of my game lately, best it's ever been and I honestly think it's down to you lovely lot. I've spoken to soooo many bloggers lately and I've just felt so involved in the community, and because of that I've set up a little GIVEAWAY and if you're a fan of Disney, you're going to LOVE it. 

I helped some friends move into their new house this week, sadly due to money reasons I couldn't move in with them and while I'm completely gutted that I'm not joining them, I'm also happy to see them settling in and they live only 5 minutes away so I can pop by any time. With them moving in, we planned a little surprised for Sam who's birthday it was recently. While the two popped to Ikea for a few bits I cleaned up their house and set up a scavenger hunt, we left clues around the house which lead her to the cupboard under the stairs with lots of falling letters...I hope you guessed it, we're taking her to Harry Potter Studios. We were meant to go the day we did the hunt but sadly it didn't work out, which means we've got a trip to plan! 
Other than that, I think my week has been fairly boring. Make sure you enter my giveaway, it's only running for a little over a week now. Have a great day, I've got to go now or I'll be late for work, oops.
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