Clothing Haul August '16.



I've done a naught thing this week, I've been shopping. Whilst it's almost not a surprise that I've been shopping - I've been pretty lucky and I've picked up some great bargains. So of course after heading to twitter  you all wanted to see what I picked up. I've actually got a hefty post for you today & I'm terrible at taking clothing flat-lays so I'm calling this a try-on haul...I just wish I had the guts to create this as a youtube video, but I just don't have the confidence yet. 

Everything is pretty much from new look or primark - I'll link as much as possible, but I'll let you know shops, sales & prices along the let's jump in, b/c I'm so excited: 


This was the first item I picked up once I walked into primark and from that moment I knew that this was going to be a good shop. I originally tried this in a size 18, when it comes to basic tee's I usually go for the over-sized look, but it fit like a dress so I went with a size 14 and it fit's perfectly, and for £6 I'm in love. I adore these patch style tee's but some are so popular that I haven't picked many up, luckily I haven't seen this around and I just like the simplicity of the heart.

All my clothes - especially my tee's always have some sort of pattern or design on them and I feel like I have a lack of choice when I want something easy to wear. This black slouchy tee was only £4 as I thought whilst I picking up everything else I may as well. It actually fits amazing and it's so soft. I think this is going to become a over-used tee before I know it!

So the mom jeans? Aren't really mom jeans, they just fit me that way...I've been having a little self-confidence issues when it comes to my jeans lately. I'm constantly wearing jeans but because I'm so damn short they fit me weirdly. These jeans were only £14, have ripped knee's and are technically a straight jean fit, they're a little tight round the waist but they fit at my length...I'll keep them & hope they fit me perfectly one day.

Honestly, I accidently came across the new look sale but with 70% off, who could really resist? I'm trying to take a page out of Helen Anderz book - I'm a size 12/14 like she is and she rocks the cropped top and I'm jealous of her for it. Whilst my figure isn't like hers, I'm trying to give this a go. This oui, baseball tee only cost me £4, so if it ends up in the back of my wardrobe after a few failed attempts I guess I can cope.

I went quite risky when it comes to this New Look order - admittedly it was 1am and I'd not long come home from work, so my judgement was slightly off. However I'm obsessed with stripes lately, like everything I wear must have a stripe or I'll feel completely uncomfortable. It's a little smaller than I'd like but again at £3 I'm going to cope.

Around christmas time I picked up a plaid shirt and it was the first I'd picked up in yearssss, the others made there way into my wardrobe and were completely forgotten about. Since then I've been very particular with the ones I pick up - and since then, this was the first one in a while. It's a thin feel and fits perfectly...and only £6. There's a few options throughout primark, but I was drawn in by this colour. 

I wasn't lying when I said I had an obsession with stripes on this shopping trip. I've been on the hunt for plain[-ish] t-shirts, items I can throw on with a pair of jeans, still feel good even when I've made minimal effort, and again it only cost £4! 

I actually own a peplum top practically identical to this, both from New Look rather than the £9.99 I originally paid, I picked this one up for £4, here. I find these tops comfortable as they're floaty, so whenever I'm having an uncomfortable day they usually hide my unflattering areas...although, I don't think the photo does this top justice!

Would you like to know how this whole shopping trip came about? We'd arranged to play Mean Girls on the big screen at work - and being the cute person I am, I suggested we all turn up wearing pink...without owning anything pink! So I went to Primark and picked up this sweater, it's the softest thing ever - I don't ever want to wash it. I can't wait for winter when I can wear this 24/7! 

Again with patches, I love this style right now. I've gone oversized with this tee as its meant to be cropped, but I prefer it this way. I really like the simplicity of this tee, the colours and the style. This cost between £4-6 and I couldn't resist for the price range. It's a thin tee so it's going to be perfect for any warm weather days. 

I'm very happy with everything I picked up, I'm torn with what to wear next. Yknow that feeling when you buy something new & you can't wait to play with it.. Well that's me with these clothes. I'm currently sat in my pajamas torn with what top to wear first and whether I should wear these new jeans or stick with what I know, it's a good job I've got an hour or two to get ready. 



  1. All super cute! Every time I see a haul it makes me want to shop!

  2. All th clothes are so cute! I loved the On Sundays We Stay In Bed, sweatshirt! Super cute❤️


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