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I remember when I was in year 7, it was my first year of high school and was of the biggest dilemma's involved whether a girls hair was straight or not. I remember thinking girls wouldn't want to speak to me, purely because of my hair and I'm now sat wondering why at 11 years old I worried so much over it and if these are the same dilemmas that still happen for teenage girls. And I wish I was exaggerating this, but having dead straight hair {or whether you owned GHD's} was a popularity thing at school - well, that and Lycra skirts. I'm not too sure why I've gone down memory lane for this post, but I just realised how I've stopped putting pressure on myself for having the same things as everyone else and instead just picking the products that work and with that, as long as a hair product can give me my overall desired look, I'm usually pretty impressed. 

Irresistible Me* are an american brand who ship internationally - which really confused me at first, but all you need to know is you'll need a USA - UK adapter plug and that the dual voltage means that it works perfectly fine with our voltage power (which I didn't realise was any different until receiving these). The straighteners are made with a new technology, the DIAMOND technology adjusts the iron plates temperature which prevents damage to your hair - which means that while it's heated to a high temperature to remove frizz and to create your desired look, once the plates make contact with your hair the plates temperature goes down by -40C to keep your hair healthy and well that kind of blows my mind.

Unlike other heat irons I've used before, I can adjust the temperature from 150-230C and within the heat, Irresistible Me has divided the heat into sections to help indicate which heat will work best with your hair type - meaning that you need to turn up or down the heat if you've got:


I personally love this element because I can see whether I'm using too much heat on my hair and keeps damage down to a minimum, which is perfect for girls who love to dye their hair like I do. 

Although I've discussed new bits of technology, these are just like every other pair of straighteners I've used. They heat up quickly, like most others but they also cool down pretty quickly too, which for a girl like me who constantly worries about them burning something. I'm a little more in love with these because of how they're trying to keep my hair protecting and well these work perfectly with my hair. I've been able to create straight, wavy & curled hair with these heat irons, I've always been able to curl my hair with straighteners better than a curling iron so knowing that this product is capable of that makes these a 3 in 1 kind of product.

The Diamond Hair Stylers cost $104 which averages to around £79, including shipping costs $9-.95-$14.95 depending on where you're ordering from and they say to allow 10-12 days for these to be delivered. I expected to be waiting those 10 days and they arrived within 3, I was surprised but obviously extremely excited with it!

I'm totally in love with these products and I'm definitely tempted to pick up more bits through Irresistible Me in the future. Are you looking at purchasing some new hair tools, then these are worth considering! 

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