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It's been far too long since I've shared a LUSH haul with you all, actually far too long. My last Lush post was in January, woah! I needed to pick up some new shampoo and I'd realised it had been a while since my last shop, so it was about time I treated myself a little. 

As always the ladies in the store were so welcoming! The lady (I wish I caught her name) showed me a couple of products I've not used yet, some I picked up this time round and others Ill be going back for. I think that's my favourite part about Lush, if you want to be left alone - they'll leave you to it but then they're always a step away to help you find out about new products...which means I'll always walk out with a bag of new bits. 

I picked up Daddy-O a couple months ago after trialing a few different silver shampoo products and this so far has been my favourite. Just like most other silver shampoos its' scent is Parma Violets - although the daddy-o is just that little bit stronger and the compliments on my hair just gives me that little boost. It's really helped to remove the brassy tones and the purple tones are more predominate in my grey hair. I wash my hair every-other day and tend to use this every couple of washes. 

Although I'd tried the shampoo before & I knew lush did the conditioner bars, I wasn't aware there was one to compliment the daddy-o shampoo and before they lady described the product I already knew it was for me. I have extremely soft hair at the best of times and while you might find this a lucky trait - it's very annoying, I can't do anything with my hair the day or even the day after washing it. All you need to do is run the bar through your hair - which is a little annoying because you can't feel the product once it's in your hair (or whether it's completely washed out). Once you've rub the bar into your hair, you wash it out and you've got conditioned hair, however some of the natural oils remain and it doesn't go too soft. 

If I say this one more time, you're all probably going to hate me - but my skincare is always at a minimum as my skin is usually pretty clear. At the time of purchasing this, my skin was struggling a little bit and I hadn't picked up anything for a while. Personally, I just wanted to pick up a face cleanser to give my skin a good scrub to feel the dirt leaving my skin. I kind of went with my nose on this one and I think let the good times roll smell delicious, cinnamon & popcorn to be specific! I've used this only a couple times but sadly so far I've not seen much difference to my skin - I'll continue using this and let you know if it improves. 

The soft coeur was amongst one of the first products I purchased from LUSH a couple years ago and it fast become my all-time favourite product. With it's almond oil & cocoa scents, it's like heaven to me. I initially purchase this to use after showers & to give my body that sweet scent - but over time I've been keeping this prepped ready for when I'm feeling over worked and need a little's rather difficult massaging your own shoulders with this, but the boyf always refuses *cries*. What I like about this product is it's shape, the lumps give me that power to really dig this into the sore spots and just really calms my aches. 

Just a little haul this morning - It's been forever since I shared a haul post but luckily I've got a few more to share with you this month. I'd love to hear about your favourite bits from lush and what should I pick up in the future? 



  1. I love all these products and as always your photography is killing it! X

  2. Photography is on point, love seeing lush hauls although it's bad for my wallet x

  3. Let The Good Times Roll sounds amazing, two of my favourite scents in one!! Shame it isn't doing much though, hopefully you'll see an improvement soon :)
    Lauren X


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