*Nailbox - Paradise Has Arrived. July 2016.



Admitting how terrible I am when it comes to caring for my nail possibly isn't the way to introduce this post, right? But what the heck, I don't like lying. This isn't to say I don't care about my nails or this truly would be a pointless post, I just struggle to take care of them - but boy, I'm obsessed with finding new colours & the shades that suit the season and I bloody love a good new polish or two! 

It's been a while since I've picked up a monthly subscription & coincidently I was considering testing out a few before making that commitment again. So when NAILBOX* contacted me about reviewing this months paradise box I'd have been a fool to say no! Depending on your payment choice, this box will cost between £13.50 - £15 each month & Nailbox send out their monthly subscription around the 21st of each month. *I must admit now, that this is a little later than I'd hoped due to scheduling & stuff*. However, this was July's box and what a mixed box it was! 

I've tried green on my nails before however the majority tend to lean more towards the mint shades. But this is such a fun and vibrant colour, it only really require one coat for it's colour but I'll always apply one more, just because. I've not really given this a chance since it arrived at my door, but after testing it out; I realise it's such a beautiful colour.  

'Bomme Pour Cuticles'...I assume this means it's for my cuticles, but it doesn't give much decription of how my nails will benefit from this? It's a oily coconut product which smells delicious, but until the last few days I hadn't got round to using it. Because the website & the sub box itself doesn't give much information - I went to my good pal GOOGLE, which tells me it helps strengthen cuticles, nails and skin and as I have lots of broken skin around my cuticles and my nails tend to be very dry - so I'm hoping this product can make them healthy again.

I must admit I've not tried a white polish since I was 14 and went through my emo days - but I know that white is a popular colour choice when it comes to nails and I think it looks HOT when a person has tanned skin. When this box first arrived this was the product I was most excited about - it takes about 2 coats - minimum, drys quickly but chipped pretty much throughout the first day. SO it requires a lot touch ups and for a lazy girl, that's effort! But I still love the colour, so I can't judge it too harshly. 

I feel as though I can't really review toe separators, b/c toe separators, y'know?. We all know there job...but I make a right mess when painting my toe nails, so these are exactly what I need to control said mess!

Not only is this brown toned nude a gorgeous colour, it's in the prettiest packaging & bottle, which makes it look so pricey - £12.50 to be exact. Ouch, I've never paid that price for a nail polish! Although I think it's a wonderful colour, I don't think this matches the theme of this months box...I'll keep this safe for the A/W months and this will be my best friend.

I'm thoroughly in love with the brown box packaging, rather than spending money on excessive packaging, they supply & send out the products in just one box, instead of the standard - in a box, in a bag, in another box, y'know? And it's all just a little better for the environment too! This box was 'paradise' but personally I was expecting a little more to fit the theme - maybe some bright beach themed nails wraps or bright colours, maybe some neon? So the products like the nude seems a little odd to me? I know for a fact I'll use every product from this box as I'm obsessed with finding new nail colours to try and I'm 100% grateful that I was sent this. But I worry that the products didn't fit the theme of the box and that's a little disappointing.

*I received this nailbox in return for this post, however all thoughts & opinions are 100% my own*



  1. Absolutely love this idea of a box, looks wonderful.
    Becca | www.beccasloveforlife.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Absolutely love this idea of a box, looks wonderful.
    Becca | www.beccasloveforlife.blogspot.co.uk


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