Sunday Summary #11 : Suicide Squad Premiere.


See The Stars - Sunday Summary Suicide Squad
See The Stars - Sunday Summary Suicide Squad
See The Stars - Sunday Summary Suicide Squad
See The Stars - Sunday Summary Suicide Squad


I have an exciting post for today! If you've got me on twitter, you'll have seen that on Wednesday 3rd August that myself and Tom (boyfriend) watched Suicide Squad in Leicester Square - not only in the most well known Odeon Cinema, but on the European Premier night of the film, 2 days before it's release date. We got to walk along the red carpet, was within meters of Will Smith and the rest of the cast - I tried keep my cool & I think I did well.

I'm quiet the worrier when it comes to new things and days out, I tried to organise for the trip, plan tube lines ahead of time and wanted to collect our tickets for the day before we did anything else, but as you can only imagine the day didn't go so smoothly. Travelling from Birmingham to London is a 2 hour journey, we arrived in London around 1:30 pm and headed straight to the cinema, people were already queuing for the barriers and I was praying I didn't have to wait with them. Thankfully I didn't, although we were sent in too many different directions to collect our tickets for the day & it wasn't until 5 pm I finally found where to collect them.

Once we'd had a mild panic over the tickets, Tom made me realise it wasn't worth the stress. If we didn't find the tickets in time, we wouldn't see the film but we'd have still had a day in LDN. So with that in my mind, I calmed down and we headed to PLANET HOLLYWOOD for lunch. We enjoyed the burgers when we were in Disneyland Paris and once we found out there was one in London, we couldn't resist a trip. Tom went for the Celebrity BBQ bacon cheeseburger with a vanilla milkshake - both looked delicious - and I went for the standard (and very plain) cheeseburger with a Lynchburg Lemonade cocktail, A Jack Daniels, sours & lemonade mix, which definitely calmed me down, so much so I was a little tipsy by 2 pm.

I decided while we had a few hours free that I wanted to be a tourist and do some sightseeing, but obviously wanted to stay as near to Leicester Square as possible. We walked around M&M World, took a few pictures of Piccadilly Circus, headed to Covent Gardens (still kicking myself for not popping into MAC or Charlotte Tilbry). I'm quiet surprised how well I navigated the Tube lines and got us to all the correct locations, I just wish we had time to see a little more.

After all the stress of finding the tickets, it was time to breathe. Ticket's were in hand and I did a little celebratory dance in the middle of Haymarket. Then comes the exciting part, the gates open and we're escorted across the RED CARPET. Okay, so we went pretty rushed across the carpet because it was nerve-wrecking. Obviously me being me, I stopped right in the middle of the carpet and pleaded with Tom we take a quick selfie (or two). At this point everyone else is dressed up and acting as if they were celebrities while me and Tom are the typical shy couple who are in jeans and ready to find our seats. We're now sat down and waiting; we had the live feed of the interviews outside and I was just people watching everyone around me. Whilst I was amazed with the celebrities walking around outside, I was also a little starstruck with the youtubers around - Marcus Butler, Dodie Clark, Jack Howard, Hazel Heyes & Dean Dobbs.

The cast were introduced and arrived on stage, watching them just standing only metres away from me was the most surreal moment, especially Margot Robbie & Jared Leto - I've been fans of them both for many years and the teenager in me was squealing!? After drooling over them all, the movie started, I'd noticed throughout the film the smile on Tom's face and that made it all worth it. All the stress and anxiety of the day had finally gone away and I was watching a much anticipated film with my favourite person.

Now, Tom & I really enjoyed the film...however, we've seen total opposite reactions. Whilst it's storyline wasn't at all what I expected and it had a little bit of an anticlimactic ending, I loved it all the same. Tom was telling me how things were a certain way throughout the film because it's was to build up for the next Batman and the Justice League series. I don't want to go into too much detail as the film has only been out for a couple days now, just know I throughly enjoyed the day & the film. I'm now heading into work to tackle what I'm sure will be a completely hectic day, because whatever the critics say - everyone is interested in watching this film over the opening weekend...wish my luck! 

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