Sunday Summary #12: Things That Make Me Happy



Getting anxiety, feeling down or just feeling overall lethargic isn't unusual for many of us, it happens on a regular basis for me, which is when I'll either become a little enclosed within my own thoughts or just become miserable. I kind of just go with the flow when I'm in those moods, it'll pass soon enough but I've never really stopped and considered the things that make me happy.
Right, let's dive right into it: here's 23 things that make me happy!  
1. my boyfriend - I know, cheese alert! 
2. A cuppa when I first wake up. 
3. Films circa 2005/2006 are my favourites. She's the man, Step Up, Cinderella Story, y'know? 
4. A little obvious, but DISNEY! 
5. Finishing work after a tough shift. 
6. A Youtube vid binge before going to sleep - btw, Helen Anderson is bae. 
7. That figure flattering outfit. 
8. Getting that perfect photo - yep I'm definitely vain. 
9. Evenings spent with friends, usually over an ice cream (we're still 10 okay?). 
10. Nutella Milkshakes. 
11. Fairy lights to brighten up my room on an evening. 
12. Binge watching TV series. 
13. Sweet scented candles. 
14. Completing a page in my scrapbook. 
15. Snow Days. 
16. Finding a pen that perfects my handwriting - you know the feeling? 
17. A productive day. 
18. A bag of chips from the chippy. 
19. Talking about things that make me worried. 
20. A day without any panicked feelings. 
21. An ice cold drink during the summer, the alcoholic kind is always best. 
22. A full day in bed, and not feeling bad about it...which only really happens when I'm sick.  
23.  The rain falling on the window.
So today to combine this with my SUNDAY SUMMARY [because nothing special really happened this week] I thought I'd share 23 things that make me happy. But firstly I have to mention again how grateful I am for the blogging world this week, I've been beginning to feel a little unmotivated with my blog and have been taking a little more time out than usual, but I've continued to receive love and support from my blogging friends and begun to make friends with a few others, and I LOVE IT!
Some of my giveaway prizes arrived this week, firstly from Hannah at hannahhearts which arrived last week and I've been obsessing over the gifts this week and from Aisling at rosysmiles I've followed and loved their blogs for a couple years now and they've both so generous with their prizes...I've got a few posts scheduled throughout this month but keep an eye out for a little post on what I won! Another blogger I'm grateful for this week is Sarah! From bellesmoments, remember a few months back I broke my favourite souvenir from my trip to Disneyland Paris? Well, I dropped it - it smashed into pieces and cut my hand along the way and it's not available online or in the UK so I had a little plead over on twitter and that's when Sarah the wonderful girl that she is told me she's collect me one while she was in DLP! Nothing was set in stone & I wasn't going to pester her but whilst she was in one of the stores, she twitted me & this week my mug arrived. Of course I made a cuppa once I took it out the box and I've used it ever since. I'm so so grateful & in this with the blogging community because of this.
Hope you're all well & having a lovely Sunday - it's my first Sunday off in a while so I'm off out to find a wedding present for my best friend...
I'd love to hear what makes you happy? 

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  1. Aw I loved this post! I agree with so many of the things in the list! Good Music always makes me happy!!! Xx

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