Sunday Summary #14: Blogging Slump.



Ah it feels good to be back! 
Unless you follow me on Twitter, this week you may be completely oblivious to my blogging slump, it hit me pretty hard this week - I tried, I really tired to keep myself motivated. I've wanted nothing more than to make my blog better over the past couple weeks, with the Bloggers Blog Awards being a big buzz within the community, lots of bloggers meeting up right now and although I babble on about it each week: I've had an amazing amount of support over my blog and I just want to improve my blog for not only myself but all of you too! The ones who follow me, read my posts and send me those little tweets with the heart eye emojis about my photography - you all leave me with that warm smushy feeling inside.

I practically work a full time job so finding time to blog is always tough for me anyway, but this week all my shifts were in the morning - which is usually my time I spend blogging. I'll blog in the morning, work in the evening, unfortunately by the time I'd finished work this week I was either heading out to see friends or the lighting was terrible for my photographs. I tried to remind myself that it was okay to take this time away; which it is. I'm not making money from my blog, this isn't a part time job - this is my hobby. I've been getting some amazing opportunities from this and for that to continue I always need to be at my best and I don't want that to be forced. I had some posts scheduled for this week - one made it to my blog, whilst the other was deleted and that's when I realised it was okay, it's okay if I don't love a post I don't have to post it. There's no pressures, there's no deadlines; I just needed to take that step away and find a new route to take. The best thing is, I decided rather than posting something for the sake of it I looked for another direction I could write the post - I've ended up with some new backgrounds, new props and even better photography for this post. And with that being said, I'm now excited for the post.

It's still taking me a while to string sentences together, even this post has taken longer than it should (and this has no direction). I want everything to be perfect, I want my blog to become this place for me to be proud of & to always be proud of. So I guess todays post is a reminder for myself and a note to everyone reading, please bare with me. My blog might change a little over the next couple of weeks & months but that's only because I'm making it a space that I truly believe in.

My boyfriend is currently on his way round to pick me up; so I can spend the day with his family for his Dad's birthday, but guess who's spent the hour writing a I've got wet hair from my shower, I've just managed to get some makeup on & I'm on the final episode of Season 7 One Tree Hill - I've got 5 minutes to get my shit together and meet him outside, oops. Wish me luck?

Have a fab Bank Holiday everyone - I'll be working a hectic couple of days & it's my best friends wedding next weekend, so the posts might be a little few and far between because of that. 


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  1. I totally feel this, I was like this two weeks ago! Taking a blogging break really helped me but I still feel like there's so much pressure on blogging even though it's only a hobby. I hope you have a lovely day celebrating X


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