Sunday Summary #13: Cocktails at Aluna Bar Birmingham.



Okay, so Sunday's have officially become my lifestyle days in my schedule; whether that be my usual Sunday ramblings or posts similar to this. Sharing the things I've been up to throughout the week. I never thought my life was so interesting but you'll seem to LOVE it and I LOVE YOU for it. 

Being born and bred in Birmingham I feel like I should know the ins and outs of what's about, but truth be told...I don't know much. Birmingham is filled with cute cocktail bars - whether they be beside the canals on Brindley Place, opposite the BBC in the Mailbox or in the backstreets of Digbeth, there is something for everyone. As a legal adult I spent majority of my student days in the clubs of Uprawr, Propaganda or singing along to S CLUB 7 in Reflex. I spent a year working for The Nightingale - so I know the clubs like the back of my hand, want a good vibe with some great music, I'm the girl to ask...but I'll ALWAYS tell you to avoid the infamous Broadstreet! Whilst I know the clubs, I don't know the bars. I'd visited Aluna Bar once before with my best friends for a birthday celebrations, but through my own fault didn't enjoy my first experience. So when I was invited to test out some cocktails with Aluna - I may have squealed & said something that resembled HELL YEAH!

During my three years of blogging I've gotten to know some wonderful people, and luckily some live near me. So I reached out to a handful of girls and wondered if they'd received a similar invite and we finally found a date perfect for us - to admit this took us a month is probably embarrassing. But it was well worth it in the end! 

After a day at work I went into the centre of Birmingham to meet Katrina and Becky - I've briefly met them both before but never really had the chance to sit down and REALLY chat with them, so as you can guess I really enjoyed this evening. Admittedly I was a little worried about going - that the bar wouldn't know we were turning up, or I got camera shy about taking photographs. But *sneak peek* it was perfect! 

We were all given 2 drinks vouchers and after browsing the menu we finally picked our first drinks. Katrina went with the Strawberry Sorbet, a citrusy twist on the white run daiquiri, it looked so refreshing and I think I'll be trying it on my next visit! Becky has the Marshmallow Daiquiri a vanilla flavoured vodka with a toasted marshmallow top - as much as I love vanilla I don't tend to like creamy drinks, so this didn't appeal to me! I chose the Lava Lamp an orange long drink with lava lumps throughout - using their dry ice witchcraft, my drink was smokey and bubbling until my last sip. 

It took us long enough to choose our first set of drinks and we should probably take the moment to thanks the bar tender who served us all evening for being so patient with us - although I think after a while they we're thoroughly entertained by our indecisiveness, well I hope they were anyway.

Choosing our next round of drinks was a little smoother, we all had an idea in mind from search through the menu. Katrina kept it fruity with the Strawberry Bellini this had the same lava bubbles mine did and it had this magical ombre effect to it, again looked gorgeous! I think I missed out with the strawberry choices. Becky opted for the Deadly Elixer which as you can see how above was served in this HUGE skull glass, a rum punch drink with a kick of overproof tiki fire - before being served they sprinkled cinnamon dusting & set the drink a light, something I wasn't prepared for. And I went for the Colour Changing Martini - a drink that started as a dark blue drink & served with a syringe and I had to change the colour myself. I was definitely laughed at when doing this, the syringe was a little tough, okay? But this drink was delicious and turned into this vibrant pink shade. 

Even after a drink we're finished the three of us sat and chatted away for a couple more hours. I haven't had the chance to properly talk blogging with people in ages - whilst I love chatting with everyone through twitter, face to face conversations with like-minded people makes me feel almost normal. Whilst my family & boyfriend are intrigued by my blogging life-style, sometimes those chats aren't the same. So thanks girls for letting me remember that working hard on my blogging, getting to know people online and being totally obsessed with sharing my life online is actually normal. 

Thanks Aluna for having us, it was a truly wonderful evening. Depending on your choice drinks were anything between £6.75 - £12.95. A whole range of magical drinks, each with their own themes and specialties, from well-known cocktails to a whole new spin. And sharing cocktails served in a cauldron, which we didn't get the chance to try - but for £22, I might until the next payday to consider trying. 

*Aluna gave us all drinks vouchers in return for this post, all photographs & thoughts are my own*



  1. We don't have many cocktails bars where I live :( the one you went to looks lovely!

    EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | Blog Header Services

  2. I want to try the marshmallow daiquiri, it looks so tasty!


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