8 TV Series Worth Binge Watching.


See The Stars - TV Shows To Binge Watch
See The Stars - TV Shows To Binge Watch


I'm a TV addict that doesn't have time to watch TV. Ask me what's happening in Soap, I've got no clue. Ask me what's the latest TV series on E4, again I have no idea. But I'm obsessed with teen drama's and {some of} the latest Netflix originals. I'm going to split this into a two part post, the classics from my DVD collection and my top choices from Netflix. 

In fact I'm trying to write this while being terribly distracted by Netflix. I'm typing this in advance but I'm currently on the last couple episodes of OITNB and I just can't concentrate on the two, oops. Anyway, because I have so much choices, in today's post I'll be sharing my all time favourite series, which I've collected as DVD's over the past couple years. 

To say I accidentally came across this series is crazy, straight away this became a massive part of my life and ever since I've been head over heels in love with the GG family. If you haven't watched the series before, I highly recommend you do & soon (it's available on Netflix right now). It follows the life of a mother and daughter relationship, not only are they family, they're best friends. Lorelai was a teen mother who escaped her parents upper-class lifestyle. It's fast paced & full of references, it's just beautifully put together!! I also thought I was alone with my obsession until they announced the 4 part series coming soon to Netflix and along with me everyone lost their mind.

2.THE O.C.
I started watching the The O.C when I was in year 11? I was off sick from school and spent a week in bed watching The O.C on Channel 4 (remember when day time tv was good?). Obviously I didn't watch the full series in that week, but over time I watched the series & collected the DVD's to binge on.

It follows the life of poor kid Ryan who's taken in by the Cohen family, a wealthy family of Newport Beach. He becomes best friends with the Cohen's son, Seth & has a massive effect on the neighbour Marissa. Oh, and the love story of Seth & Summer, the cutest thing ever! It's filled with very real and some times intense issues of teens in the Orange County; sex, drug & even death. It's been a couple years since I last watched this series...yep, next on my (on going) list.

Just like Gilmore Girls, this was another accidental find. Back when E4 was the only channel on my Freeview Box I could watch in my bedroom, I came across the new episodes of OTH on Wednesday evenings..I think it was on season 3 at the time & I instantly fell in love. I begged my mom to pick up the first couple of series while on her lunch break and I've never looked back.

One Tree Hill (OTH) follows the life of six teenagers, two of which are half brothers. Lucas & Nathan hate each other in the beginning of the season but equally dislike their controlling father. There's so many love stories and by the end of the first series you'll either be Team, Naley, Brucas or Leyton (which one are you?). This series leaves me heartbroken, makes me fall in love and has the best music soundtrack. I think it's a little underrated but definitely worth a watch.

4. 90210.
Truth be told, I haven't watched 90201 in forever but it's on my list (like everything again)! When this reboot first came back onto the TV after the 90's series, I was interested to see what it would be like. I fell head over heels and watched this series til the very end. Watching a series about the lives of rich high schoolers from Beverly Hills caused a lot of day dreaming for a girl from Birmingham, there lives we're a little OTT but addictive to watch. I think anyone who watched this series might agree that the coupling was half the addiction, my all time favourites being Liam & Annie. 

Ahh, another unrealistic lifestyle...this time it was within a reality show. Now, we all know that LC any the others lives were edited to look a certain way, but it didn't make it any less addicitive. We all watched the drama of Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag unfold and I think we all still hate Spencer a little bit - I know I do. And we'll always be annoyed with Lauren for choosing a boy over Paris, though I guess it could be hard to choose from, given the boy of course. I only have the one season of this on DVD and remember my dad giving me that ashamed look the day I picked it up, I definitely need to re-watch each season again soon & fall in love with Lauren & her friends all over again. 

xoxo Gossip Girl. I attempted to watch Gossip Girl back in 2007 when it was first released but for some crazy reason could never keep up. It wasn't until December 2014 I took a full binge, thanks Netflix! The worst thing about my first ever Gossip Girl binge, was half way through the season I found out who GG was and boy was I heartbroken. 
Other than that, this series is just on form, from season one to six. Blair & Serena, the friendship you cheer for from start to finish and the boys, of they're gorgeous. I must admit, when I started the season I wasn't a fan of Chuck, but by the final episode my heart melted for him.  The series follows the struggles of teens from the Upper East Side on NYC, except Gossip Girl manages to know all their secrets & expose them throughout the school...Gossip Girl is the calmer version of A (PLL, anyone?). Just like most other teen dramas storylines are unrealistic and you'd be crazy to think these actors were really still in high school. 

Ahh, the UK's answer to a teen drama. I've never really been one for UK series, this and Shameless were always top of my viewing lists. Again with a few unrealistic storylines, most are insanely close to reality sometimes. With 6 series in total, the first 4 were my favourite. Each two series followed a new set of kids, fresh out of high school and new to college. There's a whole load of sex, drugs and parties involved.
Skins was first released as I was close to leaving high school and assumed this was how college life would be, but boy was I wrong. Tony and his friends are more focused on their party life than they are there grades, obviously my favourite characters were Tony, Michelle & Chris. And if you aren't still heartbroken over Chris, how is that possible? 

8. GLEE.
I feel like Glee is my guilty pleasure, anyone else? I adored a good sing along on Monday evening's when this would air and I continue to love a good sing along sesh on Spotify every once in a while. Now, Glee club isn't a thing in the UK so the concept of this show was a little fascinating when it first came along and I fell in love with Rachel & Finn from the pilot episode. The series follows the mistfits of the school, all who have the same talent - singing. The thing about this series it has diversity, discusses touching issues and continues to have a whole lotta fun. 
Filled with musical, pop and a little bit of rock classics, this is the perfect easy going watch. Unless you're emotionally attached to Cory Monteith and watching this will never be the same again. 

Although many of these shows are pretty similar in storylines & characters but I love them all for different reasons and I think that's why I obsess over them so much! The Netflix picks will follow shortly and I'm thinking  I'll also create a list of tv shows on my 'NEED TO VIEW LIST'. 

Any recommendations though, please send me way?


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