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If I'm not obsessing over my latest beauty buys: I'm getting a little crazy with my notebooks. It wasn't until the last couple of weeks I've noticed my obsession when it comes to stationary, whilst I'm not always for the pens etc, I'm a little crazy for the paper. 

I completed University two summers ago now, which has knocked me back a little whilst writing this, it's been two years since I finished the hardest educational years of my life, two years since I found out I'd be getting my degree and 2 years since the weight was lifted off my shoulder and I stopped waking up because from panic attack - I'm still finding my feet when it comes to my career but I'm 10x better off now than I was back then. Let's get back to the post before I ramble anymore...

Ah where was I? Since graduating university I've not had many other excuses to purchase any notebooks - but that doesn't mean the obsession has stopped. I've always been a creative person, so whether that be doing my scrapbooking or doodling in a sketchpad, I've always had to have something to write, draw & collect my images. It only makes sense that I've moved onto collecting notepads and other essentials for my blogging needs. But as blogger these are essential, I've got planners, notepads and everything else in between. Next stop - a bullet journal?! 

See The Stars - Notebook Haul, TKMAXX Purchases


Honestly, this is potentially where the obsession begun. Throughout my three years at university I'd go into the Disney Store & I'd pick up the A4 wire bound notebooks with the Disney princesses all over the cover, whilst my notes weren't always amazing from [almost falling asleep] lectures - at least it all looked cute, right? Priorities...I know. I think over the years of eyeing up the beautiful note books of Paperchase (which are SO overpriced) I found similar designs in TKMAXX. They've usually got a little gold foiled quote across the front, with either a picture or colourful print and the gorgeous calligraphic font. I don't think there's a trip to the shop where I won't pop my head into the shop & 8/10 times I'll have picked up a new notepad, oops. 

See The Stars - Notebook Haul, Weekly Planners


Everyone needs a weekly planner, I've decided! Although it's practically a diary it works brilliantly because if I miss a day (or a week) I've not wasted any pages of a book, I'll just carry on. I came across the most adorable website a couple months back & picked up this A5 weekly planner. The FOX AND STAR  is perfect for anyone who's a little in love with stationary, just searching the website filled will notepads and adorable prints in such a variety available...I might make an order soon. But the one that really got me hooked on the weekly planners was the floral wire bound pad - surprisingly from Sainsburys, and let me tell you Sainsburys is perfect for beautiful stationary. These notepads have been such game changers for my blogging; whilst I try and stick my monthly plans into the google calendar I still need to have them written & this doesn't limit me like I feel a diary does. 

See The Stars - Notebook Haul, Wacom Bamboo Spark*
See The Stars - Notebook Haul, Wacom Bamboo Spark (2)


Ah the newest in my collection - and let's be honest I find this one magical. A pen & paper which goes to tablet & mobile devices...I know, I know, Wahhhh? But seriously, this piece of magic (which also doubles up as an iPad case) helps you put your handwritten notes to your screen. The WACOM BAMBOO SPARK* is something new I've been able to test out recently. And if you're an avid reader you'll be aware of my obsessive note taking; pen to paper and to screen, so rather than continuously typing up notes I've already written, this magical device can do that for me. Simply download the app,  download the wacom app and write away - connect the two via bluetooth and voila! I've not had much chance to use this recently - but I'm excited use this especially whilst on the move - because another magic thing, you don't need to connect the two right away. PERFECT! 

Just a little sneak peek into my crazy note making obsessions; I think if I wasn't careful most of my money would go towards these and I'll be honest I've got no space for them anymore...ahh well, actually I guess a couple more couldn't hurt, right? 

*I received the bamboo spark in return for this post, all photography & written content are 100% my own*


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