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Two months ago I had this amazing lucky streak, not only did I win TWO giveaways it was the same week I won the tickets to see Suicide Squad so a very lucky week indeed - I've come to the conclusion that that'll be it for a few years now, that was wayyyy too much luck in 7 days, With any previous giveaways I've won I've not really known how to share the products with you, so I'd always just leave them but today I want to share my thanks & my love for the bits I received! 

Hannah from HannahHeartss (an amazing blog if you're not following her) did a giveaway over on her twitter and on the same day I won my premiere cinema tickets - I received a message from Hannah. A couple of days later a parcel arrived at my door - I kept it all in pristine condition until I could take my photograph; and I'll tell you now, those 4 days felt so much longer. 

I've actually got a bottle of this fake tan in my Alex drawers somewhere - but I seem to have misplaced it along with the tanning mitt, so I've picked up a replacement and used this fake tan since...only I would look pale throughout the whole of summer and use fake tan once autumn begins. This express tan is a mousse-y texture which you need to apply evenly, trust me the patchy look is difficult to explain...I tend to use gradual tans (this one in particular) as it's a little less effort involved. This needs to be applied, left for a couple hours and washed off.

I love using micellar water lately, it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and wipes away all that excess makeup bits. So when I saw this in the package I was excited to give it a go. Whilst it's very similar to the Garnier Micellar Water, but it's not a product I got on with...whilst I question how with it being a bog standard product - how can my skin like one but not the other? My face was left stinging a little bit

I actually have the makeup revolution strobe cream, and although these are separate brands - they're sister brands so I'm not sure why they sell identical products, y'know? I've used both a little bit and I can confirm that this one is a much brighter & white shade, whilst the makeup revolution is a creamier shade. I use this product in little amounts; I'll just dab a little into the tops of my cheeks. It makes the most glorious glow - I just need to use it more often. 

When it comes to body mist I love finding new ones. I adore perfumes but recently I've been switching between my Marc Jacobs - Daisy's I have three different bottles and honestly, I'm in need of something else. I've also got the Victoria Secret body mists but this bottle is much smaller - and fits perfectly in my bag. It's Japanese cherry blossom - and I can't find words to describe it, something about it reminds me of my childhood, it's got this obvious sweet scent that's perfectly powering - basically I'm in love!

After eyeing up this makeup brush collection, I was really excited to get my hands on the sculpt brush, I began using this for my highlight and it transfers a beautiful shade to my cheeks, so much so that I hadn't worn highlight in almost a year until this brush helped me perfect my application. I haven't used this is a while, now it's going into autumn, it's time to find a golden highlight and perfect it all over again. 

I'm almost saving this product until December, no correction - I'm definitely saving this until December. This is the first year I'm not indulging in all things winter and christmas prematurely...I don't know why, I'm usually the first one. Anyway, this chap-stick is going to be perfect for Christmas. With the cold drying out my lips, this peppermint lip balm will keep that super soft!

Honestly I was most excited for this product, when I see new mascara to test out and I'm all over it! This fast become a staple product within my day-to-day routine, it's described as a volumizing mascara and it does exactly that. I noticed such a definition in my eyes and added length to my lashes, it's a pro-twisted wand which helps the product get onto more lashes for that extra definition. I mean I never use false lashes anyway, but there's never any need for them with this product.

Thanks Hannah for all the gorgeous bit! I'm so sorry it's taken a while to upload this post, finding time to edit the photographs (and re-take them) took me a while, but anyway...Thank you a million. I'm in love with everything I received and I'm so grateful! 


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