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WARNING! This is a lengthy one - so take five, grab a cuppa and come back to me! 

Be prepared, be prepared for lots of Lush posts in the next couple of days; firstly I'll apologise if it's boring but I headed to London last week with some blogger friends and it's given me that inspiration to write again...also, a Lush haul and a cheeky little gift for you guys is coming soon. So keep your eyes peeled - follow me here so you don't miss it!   

Be prepared for lots of photos - again, this is the cut down version and that's due to bad lighting and my camera & photo both drained of battery within the first hour. Firstly, let me introduce you to my favourite Birmingham bloggers, Katrina and Becky, I see a beautiful friendship blossoming here and I hope it doesn't end any time soon. We headed into Birmingham for a coach at 8:30am, grabbed a quick Starbucks and was on the coach by 9am. I slept for the majority of the journey as I worked til midnight and was awake at 5:30. The journey took a little longer than anticipated but once we arrived it took us little under half hour to travelling through & find the Tobacco Dock to see this beautiful place - filled with beautiful lush bits. 

Once we arrived; shopping was the only thing on our minds, we all had ideas of the bits we wanted to check out - especially the girls as I'd tag along on a whim and was pretty clueless as to what was about. Whilst finding the shopping area's there was SO much to see. One section that caught my eye was this little nook which had some samples of the products; samples of lipsticks on the mirrors and sea salts in little hanging pots was just the start of it all, I was truly amazed with the thought that went into the design. And those lipsticks shades, just wow - I must get my hands on them soon! 

Now onto the truly exciting part, LUSH HALLOWEEN AND CHRISTMAS *heart eyes emoji and stuff*. I've got a haul with all the extra details coming this weekend; but my god the excitement we experienced. That smell just hits you, y'know? The scent in the air, christmas music on full blast and all those happy faces just made my day...also got me stupidly excited for Christmas. With loads of old favourites making their return and some beautifully new products coming to the shelves, this is going to be an exciting launch, be prepared! My eye caught the soaps first, BAKED ALASKA will forever be my favourite - I've still got a few stored in my bedroom I might not need to pick any up this year? I also checked out the GIFT SETS we all decided to stay away from them until closer to Christmas; And of course we headed straight towards the BATH BOMBS - my bathroom doesn't have a bath, yet this is still my favourite part of the collection. I know, what? 

I spotted so many new pieces; my favourite being the SHOOT FOR THE STARS bomb, that bright blue & glittery gold really captured me! I was excited to see the CANDY MOUNTAIN & THE MAGIC WAND which remind of SNOW FAIRY - the first christmas product I fell for! I spotted the MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS wand back in stock and can't wait to pick that up again. Oh there's so many to choose from old favourites and pieces I've never tried before, I already have a long list of ones to pick up and hoard in Tom's house... 

I knew right away I needed more snow fairy in my life but I've got enough bottles to last until next christmas; however this year they're introducing the SNOW FAIRY BODY CONDITIONER which of course I couldn't leave without. I'm obsessed with the sweet scent and with my skin being weirdly irritable recently a new body condition could be a great fix! I also noticed the BUBBLY SHOWER GEL but not until it was too late, with it's perfect scent of citrus/orange...this is top of the list when it's released! 

I also had the opportunity to see the new facial products, some perfect christmassy scents - think cinnamon, almonds and all the spices, perfect, just perfect! The girl (who's name I wish I got!) showed me the whole collection. I know I'll be picking everything up once they're released, especially the SLEEPY and BUCHE DE NOEL  were my favs but sadly the products were around £7-9 each so I couldn't part with the price tag just yet. The scents were amazing, each product left a stunning glow and my hands incredibly soft!

We wondered round a little more before heading back home. After what felt like the longest coach journey with the smelliest toilet and a maniac driver, I was almost glad when got home. Thank you girls for making this a wonderful day and helping me spend my when's our next day out? 

I've heard through the grapevine that the halloween and christmas products are being released separately this year. Firstly, the halloween products which were released on Friday 23rd and the christmas ones released on October 1st - if this information is wrong, please let me know! 

What're you excited to pick up in this winter range? 


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