Sunday Summary #15 : Wedding Makeup.



No, it's not for my wedding...but instead my best friends. Saturday, my best friend got married and I was honoured to be a bridesmaid as well as makeup artist. To be honest, I started writing this on Thursday - as I had no idea how well I did with my makeup skills, I made a few predictions, but I'm guessing it took a few attempts, a few tantrums and a couple glasses of champagne. Since I can't really share the makeup looks, (not just yet anyway), instead I wanted to share the bits I picked up. 


Between myself & Charlotte (the bride) we had a collection of makeup & an idea of the look we wanted, so I didn't really need to pick up much...but I used this as an excuse to try some new things.
As I said, I started writing this on Thursday, I didn't finish the post, so now it's Sunday afternoon...I'm a little too hungover but I wanted this to go live. If you've been following for a while you'll know my love for the makeup revolution flawless palette - well I picked up the BEYOND FLAWLESS PALETTE a much more neutral based palette which just like the other will become a staple product in my everyday makeup. Again, from MUR, I picked up this ARCH & SHAPE BROW PEN it's double ended with a brush pen and a pencil, it matches my brows almost perfectly - I just need a little more practice using it. I picked up this beautiful plummy/nude LIPSTICK which I didn't use in the end as it wouldn't have lasted long but I'm sure I'll find a use for it. In this haul, I went on a little collection binge, they had a few deals on and well, collection is a little underrated isn't it? I picked up the PRESSED POWDER y'know, to set the final makeup look! I picked up the ILLUMINATING TOUCH the under eye brightener, it's a pink toned satin product, with an almost highlight finish with a cover up like concealer, it's perfect! It worked perfectly on every girl, with our different skin tones & types. I then picked up two different shades (medium & dark) of the CONTOUR STICK which actually worked brilliantly together so give my skin a little boost & was a great idea as I did the makeup on both pale & tanned girls. I also picked up my trusty LIQUID EYELINER which I decided not to use for the wedding in the end, but I've perfected the winged look and mine was running low. I then picked up this CLASSIC VOLUME, which thankfully was a water mascara because as you guessed; there was lots of tears throughout the day...I tear up a little now thinking about the day.
Once I get my hands on some of the makeup photographs, I'll be sure to share them with you! Everyone was impressed and even the photographer said I looked very professional, so I won't say anymore and take those compliments.

Happy Sunday everyone, I'm off to eat my sunday roast and eat away my hangover! 

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