Sunday Summary #17: West Midlands Safari Park



I'm going to warn you now, there's LOTS of photos for this post...and this is the cut back version. I bloody love days out with Tom (boyfriend) and Tuesday this week we decided to take a spontaneous trip to West Midlands Safari Park. With our working hours being so clashed it's rare we get to spend much time together, so when we get that odd day off it fills my heart with joy. 

We've been talking about the Safari Park for months now; possibly over a year and one thing or another meant it's not happened. Now it's the end of the summer holidays we're being a little more adventurous (we're not a fan of the busy crowds during school holidays, so we become hermits for a few weeks). If you book the trip online inadvance; you receive a discounted price depending on the day. When you book on the day you'll get 5% but if you book a few days before we got 25% off. 

Usually on days out I stress myself out because we have to get there for the opening time or we'll run out of time. Tuesday we took it easy, woke up leisurely, did a few odd jobs and got ready. It takes around 45 minutes to get there and we we're driving round the safari well before midday. I remember the drive round well from numerous trips as a child, first you see the African plains with the new baby Rhino getting everyones full attention. Baby animals just get me, y'know? Even when they're already huge! 

The one things I've always enjoyed about this trip is that the Realm of the Lions with the more open area, the Lions can literally walk past your car! Although watching a Lioness walk over to the car in front was a little nerve-wrecking! But just take a look how majestic she looks? A true beauty, even with that resting bitch face!

There's a few animals I wished were avoidable - the Ostriches and the Camels come to mind. They freak me out, other than that I found each animal a beautiful sight to see and the chance to be that close to them was amazing. I also had to pop these little penguin beauties into this somehow too. When I was younger; my favourite part of this day trip was watching the Sea Lion show, something we missed this time round but it didn't stop me from going a little crazy over my favourite animals. Once we'd been around, it was lunch time and being the foodies we are lunch was the next thing on our mind...

We ate in the restaurant in the middle of the park - I didn't pay much attention to it's name, we both ordered the cheeseburger with sides of chips and later shared brownies & doughnuts for desert. We sat outside which luckily was sheltered; as we sat down the thunder storm began...there was something theraputic about sitting under shelter hearing the rain hitting the roof. We sat and waited the storm out for almost an hour before heading over to the arcades. 

We played a couple games of ski-ball, basketball and air hockey - collect just over a hundred tickets, which was frustrating because we we're going to play some more before leaving and spend the tickets, but in true Sarah fashion, I forgot. 

We took a wonder round the Lemur walk through, which is always my favourite at Dudley Zoo & Castle...unfortunately after a rainy walk round, we encountered ZERO Lemurs, hmm. I also promised we'd look in the Reptile Zone which I spent the majority of the walk round with my eyes closed and clinging to Tom's arm...that scene in Harry Potter when the snake escapes the glass - just that thought alone gives me nightmares! 

To end the day we walked through The Land of the Dinosaur which again, Dinosaurs scare me...but knowing these weren't real made it a little easier. Although they weren't real, they we definitely life like, they made noises and moved! Ultimately I was fascinated whilst walking through, seeing the surroundings and getting to read about the creatures that once walked this Earth before us. 

We then headed home before I was called into an evening at work. I love days out and love them even more when I get to experience them with Tom, it's always an easy day and just so much fun. Any recommendations on our next trips would be appreciated!

Have a great Sunday everyone x  


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