20 Halloween Movies For Scaredy Cats.



Something you might not know about me? I'm a wimp! I'm a huge wimp, I'm scared of the dark, I'm scared of being on my own and I'm scared of horror! TV shows and movies; I just can't watch them. There's a list of TV shows which are currently are  on my 'want to watch list' An American Horror Story being one of them, but nope - I can't deal! It's possible I won't sleep for a week if I watch even one episode!
Yet the thing is, I'm getting really into Halloween! Over the years I've enjoyed dressing up and celebrating Hallow's Eve and getting to practice my makeup skills is always a bonus. So I thought today I'd do a quick little post and share with you a list of easy-watching Halloween films, for those who're wimps just like me!

1. Sabrina The Teenage Witch. 
2. The Addams Family. 
3. Hotel Transylvania
4. Bettlejuice 
5. Hocus Pocus
6. Edward Scissorhands 
7. The Nightmare Before Christmas
8. The Corpse Bride. 
9. Casper
10. Tormented. 
11. Practical Magic 
12. Halloweentown. 
13. The Scary Movie saga. 
14. Jeff Dunham Minding the Monsters.
15. Double, Double, Toil & Trouble 
16. The Little Vampire.
17. House Of Wax 
18. Shaun of the Dead. 
19. The Haunting Hour 
20.  The Rocky Horror Show
Yep, some of these are kids films but they're so much fun to watch! Some I haven't watch yet, (but I plan on watching during this week as we lead up to Halloween.) Some aren't Halloween specific films, some are just thrillers I've watched over the years and they seem appropriate for this list. 
Next week I'm heading to a Zombie Apocalypse escape event and I'm petrified already. It's an event we've arrange through work, before we have our Halloween party, so I'm excited to share stories from that night with you a couple Sunday Summary's time.

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