7 Films That Always Make Me Cry.


See The Stars - 7 Films That Always Make Me Cry
See The Stars - 7 Films That Always Make Me Cry
See The Stars - 7 Films That Always Make Me Cry


Not sure if this is a weird post to be sharing? But, I love those emotional films - especially the type of film that leave me crying for an hour afterwards? That's always the most memorable moment and a way of remember how much you connected with a film. After sharing some of my other film favourites, I thought it was time I shared the ones that make me most emotional. 

I tend to save majority of these films for when I'm just having a really shitty day or when I'm on my period, with a bar of chocolate and knowing I'll be at the peek of my emotional levels - trust me, that cry makes everything feel 100% better afterwards. 

One thing I remember most from watching this film? My dad telling me not too, not because he didn't think I'd enjoy it - but because he knew I'd be an emotional wreck when I did. I watched it one evening when I was 14, in my very teenage decorated bedroom and cried. I cried A LOT! If you're like me you've already got a soft spot for Macaulay Culkin after Home Alone, so I knew from the start I'd have a soft spot for him in my girl. The film has very alternative vibe to it, very indie feel - and I really like that! It's based around the friendship of Vada & Thomas, a trouble young girl and her shy best friend. A true and innocent friendship - which will leave you heartbroken!

I think I watched this only a handful of time because after a while crying over Zac Efron is too painful. But this film follows a powerful bond between two brothers - Charlie & Sam. After an accident Sam passes away, however Charlie continues to see him & meets him each day to teach him baseball. Charlie then becomes infatuated with spending his time with Sam, which in turn makes it difficult on his relationships and his potential studying at college.  

Some sad films just hit you, like being hit in the face with a brick? They really, really get to you and it hurts! I naively picked this up, thinking it would be a lovely chick flick. Mandy Moore is a great actress and I thought Shane West was cute! He continued to be cute in this film, the film itself is cute. A trouble teenage boy and a very protected teenage girl, a typical opposites attract storyline. But I find this film different to most, it's a gentle love story which you don't see coming, but with a heartbreaking plot twist - which thankfully I thought was handled perfectly. But I cried, I cried a lot especially after that first watch. However after multiple viewings it still effects me. 

This one is one of the easier watches, you'll cry but you'll also laugh. This follows a new father who's lost his wife during labour, the film follows his struggles as he gets to grips with parenthood alone, as well as accepting his daughter and grieving for this wife. A true British film, with a British sense of humour. It pulls together a whole mix of emotions and I think that's what makes it so powerful! 

This is possible the first disney film I watched that wasn't animated, I remember that first watch vividly! Crazy enough I haven't been able to watch this for a couple of years after I bawled my eyes out within the first 30 seconds. The film follows a young girl and her friendship with Gorilla Joe, she keeps him safe and has kept by his side even when he's 15 ft tall, he's captured and caged in a zoo and becomes some what of an attraction. The film follows the fight between Jill as she defends and tries to release Joe from captivity. I mean as soon as animals are involved I have a tendency to cry anyway; but this one is in another ball game of it own.  

Truthfully, this doesn't make me cry like the rest? But it's a Nicholas Sparks book adaptation and all of his films touch my heart, I must admit I'm gutted their hasn't been a new (and successful) film released for a while! Dear John, follows a relationship between John and Savannah over several years whilst she's studying at college and he's deployed, seeing the high and low points of their relationship and their struggles along the way! I find this film cute rather than over emotional, and I like that! 

If you've watched this film you might agree with me - but I thought this would be a sweet and innocent kids film, I mean it stars Hilary Duff. In retrospect it is a kids film, the storyline and the general acting; but the story within the storyline, destroyed me! Teresa looses her best friend & her brother Paul, her biggest support of all her dreams and even when gone continues to encourage her to keep going! She continues with the loss of her brother, but find herself accepted into a new Art School to pursue her dreams, all thanks to her big brother!

I adore each of these films; whether it be because of the storylines or my personal stories behind them! Like every film favourite of mine, they come with a story for myself and that's potentially why I love film like I do!

I really enjoy these posts and have some previous ones you might enjoy: 5 films for a bad day and 5 disney film favourites. Keep an eye out as I'm already working on a few more of these film favourite posts!

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