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I never thought I'd become the girl who obsessed over makeup brushes, but it's happened, I'm obsessed. I can't do my makeup without at least one brush at my side whether it be for my base, my eyes or those finishing touches.

I've had these brushes in my collection for a couple of months now, I have two excuses for why it's taken me SO long to get this post written. One) I'm a terrible blogger, hated my original photography and it took me forever to clean said brushes to re-take my photographs. Two) okay, maybe it was that one excuses - I'm a bad, bad blogger and I just got a little lazy - Sorry (not sorry).

However, I'm extremely excited to share these brushes with you. I've taken a step back from my beauty blogging lately and I'll be honest, I've missed it. Please bare with me if my explanations makes zero sense - I'm trying okay?

I was gifted 8 Crown Brushes* four base & contouring and four eyeshadow brushes - each serve there own purpose in my makeup routine and whilst some are used more than others - I bloody love them all. I've had no issues with these brushes, the synthetic hair is incredibly soft with no fall out. I'm also a little obsessed with the ombre effect of the brushes, and that contrast with the silver and matte black handles, something so elegant, yet simple. 

I've accumulated numerous brushes over the years and I've got a variety of brushes, styles and uses. I have one brush for my foundation and switch between a few for my contouring...and all the other brushes don't get used as frequently as I'd wish. The great thing about this collection is that each one is named & has it's own purpose - which for a makeup noob like me, (who's still learning) it's perfect! 

I've had angled brushes in the past and they were perfect for my contouring...but this brush has a different design to the others I've used, but for the life of me can't describe it but if you look at the photography - you can see the way it's got that thinner angle at the top and thicker edges, it just helps get into the cheekbones and I like it, a lot. I tend to use a contour stick rather than powder, so once I've got the guide of where I'm applying it, I'll use this to blend it all in. 

The oval brush took a back seat until recently, again I've had similar to this in the past and never really got along with it. I think since my skills have developed; finding the correct use of the brushes have done too. Whilst it's named a foundation brush, this is perfect for under eyes and a precise application for my concealer. 

Another brush I don't use often and I've already got in my collection - this pointed brush would've been something I'd have used for my contouring a couple months back, using the pointed edge, again to get into my cheekbones to get a 'thinner' definition to my contour line. I'll use this brush in a circling motion too - something that works well with it! Since receiving the medium contour brush I'm not too sure how I'd use this brush, help? 

Before I get any further, I'm in love with this brush! I'll use this with my pressed powder once I've finished my makeup and I just love it for how big and fluffy it is! Over the years I've been switching between brushes when it comes to applying my pressed powder - so it's a relief that I've final got one to use solely for that purpose.

My collection of eye-shadow brushes is possibly larger than my base brushes. When it comes to my makeup, products and

My collection of eyeshadow brushes is quiet possibly larger than my base brushes. When it comes to my makeup, products and application I believe that my eyes are my best quality, but there's still plenty room for improvement!

This is a god-send, I've got a couple of blending brushes but some just wipe away the product rather than blending it, does anyone else get this? . I tend to hold this from the bottom of the handle and gentle circle movements when using this brush. With it's long hairs and it's extremely light feel, it's perfect for that softer touch, so I can do the right amount of blending without loosing too much pigment from the shadows I'm mixing - I'm pretty sure that made no sense, but just know this is the brush you need in your life! 

I've been using the real techniques eyeliner brush for my brows for a number of years now that it's tough to break out of that routine. The RT brush has a much sturdier feel to it, which is perfect when filling out my brows. So I tend to use this double ended brush for the spoolie to brush through my -sometimes- unruly brows. Whilst this doesn't go completely unused, I tend to use the angled edge brush to add darker shades and definition to the outer corners of my eyes and it works wonders with that! 

This brush has become a staple brush during my makeup routine. Again with it's long handle I find that longer length easier to create a softer touch with the products. I tend to use this brush when applying that first colour, to give my shadow a base or I'll completely switch it up and use it when building up a colour, with the smaller width of the brush it's easier to get that main colour in the centre of my eyes. 

I've really been working on that crease finish when it comes to my makeup, using a soft brown or a darker shade to give my eyes that definition. Again, I've got a couple of makeup brushes similar to this on in my collection already - however they're all too big and leave my eyes looking a huge mess when trying to apply into my crease. This brush has a small and tight brush, meaning I can make my application tidier and smooth. It's like the perfect fit for my eyes and I'd be so lost without this brush now. 

As already mentioned I'm obsessed with the design, alongside everything else. I've needed brushes like these to come

As already mentioned I'm a huge fan of the design, alongside everything else. I've needed brushes like these to come into my life and I'm so glad I got my hands on them when I did, they've definitely been useful and been welcomed into my makeup bag. 

Have you used any of these brushes? Or which other Crown Brushes would you recommend I try in the future? 

*i've been sent these crown brushes for a review - photography & words are my own* 

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