LUSH : Halloween & Christmas Haul


Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul 2016
Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul 2016
Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul 2016
Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul 2016
Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul - Little Monster Bath Bomb
Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul - Reindeer & Robin FUN
Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul - Santa's Belly
Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul - Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb
Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul - Snow Fairy
Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul 2016
Lush Halloween & Christmas Haul 2016



Ah well isn't this exciting! I've been waiting since last December to write this kind of post, whilst ordinary Lush hauls are great and everything - nothing beats the first post from the seasonal collections. I've never really brought into the hype of the valentines, Easter and the spring time collections, but with Halloween & Christmas I'm all over it!

It was the Lush Creative Showcase in the middle of September - and if you missed it; it was a bloggers dream. And there was no chance I was going home empty handed. I'll just jump straight into it because I know you're all desperate to see what I picked up. 

Each year I always struggle to pick up anything from the halloween collection; but this little cutie was too hard to resist...does he remind anyone else of Mike Wazowski? I'm going to keep referring this as him, just FYI. I'm all over products with a citrusy sweet scent and he has exactly that, something I think could be really overpowering for some but it's spot on for me, the eyeball is also made of cocoa butter (if I've remember correctly) which I know will leave my skin feeling wonderful afterwards. I'm yet to use him in the bath, so I can't tell you about that just yet or I might not even get round to using him - he's just too cute. 

I've picked up FUN before and it all melted after one use, I've steered clear since. But after some reasurrance from Becky & being told how to look after it this time round, I couldn't resist. I'm going to attempt to create a little robin with this, so keep an eye out & hopefully I'll pop it up on instagram. I mean I'm always intrigued with FUN, but this one in-particular caught my eye when I read the scent description. Cola, Persian lime and black pepper - cola is like my favourite fizzy drink and sweet choice, so obviously when I see it's a scent in a body care product and I couldn't resist. 

I picked this up on a whim, admittedly out of everything I purchased on this trip - not my favourite scent but I wanted to give it a try. 'he's full of fresh apple juice' to me it's a much harsh scent which I think is from the star anise. Maybe sniffing it from the container is what's putting me off, fingers crossed when I finally use this in the shower I fall in love with the product, if not I'm sure someone in my house will happily pinch it off me. 

The first item I picked up was this one, something about the colours and that glitter really sold it to me. This bath bomb is currently in a gift set that I'm giving away (here) - this giveaway ends on 7.10.16 - so I'd be quick if you want to enter! Yet another sweet scented product with a heavy influence of cocoa butter & coconut cream ingredients, which are my 3 favourite ingredients & scents. Also the two colours and that bloody gorgeous gold glitter, even though I've not yet used...I have high hopes that this will be a firm favourite of mine. 

The one thing I love most about the christmas range? It's the snow fairy which has become a range of it own. Not only  is it a shower gel, it's scent is used within many other christmas products. Yet, that's not the only thing that excited me with all this - all the products I can use with my no bath bathroom. Forget all the bath-bombs (which I continue to purchase & use other peoples homes) this snow fair is it's own league altogether. With the cherry & mango ingredients; no wonder this is a favourite of mine. I'm yet to pick up any new shower gel but instead I've now got this amazing body conditioner to add my routine. Not only is this that same scent, it's going to keep my skin soft and all that great stuff for even longer too.

I've had all these products kept safe since our trip last month, it was only today that I popped everything into my lush drawer. I can't wait to talk more about each product within the next few months, I'm sure they'll pop up again soon. 

Theres 3 days left to enter my giveaway; if you haven't already you can enter - here. 


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