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I know I should stop buying things, but it's almost as though my purse is encouraging magic? Ok, Ok, we all know that's bullshit! But seriously, I can't stop spending my money, whether it's on food on a daily basis or a casual little treat that I totally *don't* deserve! This month I did a little shopping with some blogger friends and well y'know that was always going to end dangerously! We're all such enablers, but we can't seem to stop ourselves. 

So thanks to all the blogger friends; who I met for the first time this month (btw) I have a nice little haul to share today. 

we headed to the KIKO store before heading to Leeds for the bloggers blog awards, I knew immediately that this wouldn't end well! But thankfully I only picked up a couple things before quickly heading to the check out! I've had the long lasting sticks previously, I own the shade 05 - which is almost an everyday brown shade. So I knew right away that I liked this product and was just excited to try some more! 19 was the first shade I picked up, it's grey/black shade with a subtle hint of shimmer. Whilst I tend to use shadows for my smokey eyes; I picked up this to use on those when I'm rushing out the house! 

Whilst we were in the store I wanted to pick up shades I knew I'd use, as I have a tendency to pick up colours to test out and later regret that decision. Compared to the black shade, 37 is a gorgeous deep red - which is the most autumnal eyeshadow shade I own and that just makes more excited that I should admit to. It's a shimmery shade with a bronzed red/orange tone. My favourite thing about these long lasting sticks? Is the staying power; I can wear these all day and they won't budge...they're just a pain when removing before bed! Again, just like 19, I can wear this within an eyeshadow look or find many ways to wear this alone. I'm thinking of attempting a cat eye, or a smudge smokey eye?  

I tested this out at the lush creative showcase and instantly knew I needed to pick it up! As I was already panicking over the price of my basket - I left it whilst in LDN, knowing I could pick it up again after payday. And if you're a fan of glitter and shimmer you need to try this, it looks more like a bat than a fairy to me and you use like any other shimmer bar, warm the bar with the palm of your hands and gentle rub into the skin. It's the most perfect highlight and there's so much fucking glitter. This will be perfect to wear over halloween or to any Christmas parties; it'll look amazing! 

I bet you're all bored of hearing how much I love citrus scents? Well, I do and there's nothing to stop me from telling you all over again. I'm obsessssed with citrus and orange is like my all time favourite. Fruit, sweet, drink & scent, I just can't get enough of it! When I found this shower gel, I knew it had to be mine. I picked up the 100g bottle as it was a little more in my price range for now. This is a new scent to Lush and I think exclusive for the halloween and christmas range, so I need to stock up and fast! 

This was an accidental purchase? Well, I had full control on what was happening, but I totally didn't need it! I've got a hefty supply of eyeliners, I just haven't found one thats perfect for me yet - so I need to keep trying new ones to find one I love, y'know? I stopped purchasing from miss sporty when I was 17(?) and I'm not entirely sure why, I'm in love with this pen! Its a sturdy pen with a thin nib which is perfect to get a precise and smooth flick - and for £2.99 what can be better?  

This smells disgusting! Like horrible, it reminds me a child's medication and that's some flash backs I don't want. I've purchased the MUA lip lacquers before and didn't get on with them one bit! But I thought it was time to give them another try, whilst the scent is really off-putting once it's on the lips, I really like it! I've been looking for a mauve/nude shade for my lip products and whilst this is a little on the orange side, it's almost perfect! It dries almost instantly and has great staying power. The last lip lacquers I tried were extremely drying and hurt my lips - so this is a step in the right direction! 

I also picked up some new clothing items; but I'm not very good at sharing my fashion hauls online! 

It's been a while since I've picked up some new makeup bits and really been happy with the purchases, I've not practiced my eye makeup for a while and I've noticed how annoyed I am by that! Now I've picked up these, it's time to get back in front of that mirror and get practising. With the run up to Halloween next week, I'm hoping to share some makeup looks with you; a full week in fact! Hope you like them! 

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