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I'm doing a new thing this week; in the last couple months not only has my blog become filled with lifestyle posts and lost it's passion for makeup, so have I! It's not something that I'm happy with and I'm really annoyed with myself because of that. I'm aware the makeup looks I create could improve, but it's a start right? It's my time to improve the makeup looks I create  and what a better time to start practicing than Halloween, right? 

I'm writing this post a little in advance; but the plan of action is to create and upload a new halloween look for the entire week leading up to October 31st. Whilst it's a lot to ask of myself, it's a challenge I've chosen to put onto myself. And I'm starting with something fun and something simple! I'm no makeup-pro and I just practice whenever I can, it's been a while since I created a look that wasn't something I'd wear everyday and I must admit, I love it! 

I've been scrolling through pinterest for the last couple weeks; pinning my favourite makeup looks, watching youtube videos and generally feeling inspired. For day one, I kept things simple! The mermaid look is a popular choice for many beauty guru's, it's a simple and beautiful look but also very easy to replicate. 

Obviously when I think mermaid, I think the little mermaid! But I also think colourful, I think of the glistening colours - the pinks, blues, greens and purples! Such beautiful colours which work so well together they create such an amazing combination. I did my base makeup like normal; foundation, concealer and contouring and focused my attentions on my eyes! I wanted to make them as colourful as possible, I picked up the Body Collection 98 Eyeshadow Palette from Body Care a few years ago for makeup looks like this and so I used the blue shade on the outer corner of my eyes, I then went it with the green in the crease - blending them together before added more blue to give it that pop! Then in the inner corner used a bright pink on the base and used a purple in the inner crease and met the purple with the blue in the middle! I built on all four colours until I'd done enough. I then added a little glitter before working on my eye-liner! I used my new and trusting miss sporty the miaoww eyeliner - working to create a clean flick! I then used a lord & berry white liner pencil on my water line which wore off within seconds, so I used the colours from the lid of my eye and continued that rainbow effect on my water-line. I need to invest in a high quality white liner if I want to create more looks like this. Deep within my makeup collection I have a black glittery eyeliner, a miss sporty liner I believe! I just went over the existing wing just to add that sparkle. 

Once my makeup was complete it was time to create my mermaid scales. When watching youtube videos, the beauty guru's place fishnet tights on their heads and they make it looks so easy! Let me tell you, it's not! Luckily I already own some fish-net tights and put them in place! Having to hold the tights firmly in place (which is surprisingly difficult) and I dabbed the same colours I used on my eyes onto my forehead and around my left eye! I wish I went in with more colours and over a wider area but once I'd removed the tights...I thought I'd ruin it if I tried again. I've learnt so next time anyway! 

Throughout this week I'll be uploaded halloween looks, I hope you enjoyed the first look! I'm hoping to work on more gory looks as the weeks goes on. Make sure you're following my blog here to keep updated this week and future posts.


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