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I went for the pretty obvious choice of Halloween makeup today! Purely because I loved the character, loved the makeup and it's a simple look that takes as much or as little effort as you wish to make. I created this look for work a couple months ago; where I created a very simple look, using only one shade of red and blue, adding some smudge and some eye this time round I knew what I'd done before and attempting to up my game! 

I loved creating this look! Back in August for the release of suicide squad my work place dressed up as characters from the film! Obviously I went for the easiest choice of Harley Quinn. She's portrayed by a blonde woman - Margot Robbie - she's sassy and seems all kinds of fun. Whilst I'm far from the character of Harley Quinn it's fun to feel that sass once the makeups on. I concentrated on the messy side of this look, the smudges of the eyes & lips, creating overdrawn and wonky lips too. As daft as it seems I think those smudges and the out of place application really captures that crazy nature of the character. 

I concentrated on my eyes first, checking online which colour goes on which side - I might've been getting it wrong; right side is red and left side is blue. I always start on my left side first, I used my glitter black shade from the makeup revolution flawless palette working that just below my brow and into the crease, building up on the crease and giving that softer effect closer to the brow. I then used a shimmer blue shade from my body collection 98 shadow palette working that into the outer corner of the eye, up to the crease and focusing it as my main shade. For the blue shade - I used the topshop molten eyes glitter stick in blue & the kiko long lasting eyeshadow stick (shade 19) for the red both gave my eyeshadow a more captivating look. Using the glitter molten eyes stick on the inner corner of my eyes. this gave my eyes a brightener and more cartoon-like effect! I then did the thing that terrifies me the most and created an exaggerated cat-eye! Concentrating on making the flicks longer and an inner eye flick too - both of which took far more attempts than I'd like to admit to! Once I'd completed both eyes - I went in with the initial shades of blue and red and gently brushes that under my eye and softly down my cheeks. 

I kept my base makeup to my usual routine, focusing on a lighter foundation shade - mixing my dream satin liquid foundation with my mac concealer!  And using the collection contour stick for my contour. Once everything was complete it was time to concentrate on the lips - as you can see I worked with a little Joker style smile and lifting the corners of my lips! This would've worked so much better if I hadn't of smudged the left side - but a girl's gotta do, what a girls gotta do to become HQ! 

Andddd, viola! Harley Quinn is done! 

Pretty simple and as you can see it really can take a little and as much effort as you choose. As long as you focus on the correct shades; this look can be created by everyone.


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