See The Halloween #4: Got A Secret Can You Keep It?




If I show you then, I know you won't tell what I said? 
Cause two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead? 

I hope you have the Pretty Little Liars sound stuck in your head, because I have for daysssss now! The perfect look for the gossipers, am I right? And trust me; you won't be sharing anyone's drunken secrets if you wear this over the Halloween weekend. 

I've been so excited to share this post with you! Just like all the others but this was my first with liquid latex and the fake blood. This look too no time at all; I mean once you've got the layering over your lips, which took me some time, everything else takes up very little time and effort. 

I started this with my base makeup - mixing my mac concealer with  my dream satin foundation to give my face that paler glow! Straight away working on my sfx look, applying a rough outline of liquid latex across my lips and along my cheeks. I focused on my cheeks first and left my lips until last - (because keeping my mouth shut for so long is difficult for me). I then ripped up little bits of tissue paper and places it over the drying latex, I did this for a few layers until I was happy - I then when going over my lips, I made sure I only got the latex on the outline of my lips and did the same again. Writing it out is confusing me more; so here's the link to the youtube video that helped me out! 

Once it had dried I carefully went through the centre of the smile and cut away pieces of the latex; to give that open effect. I then went over the mouth with the same foundation mix as before, then used various browns, purple and blues shades to create bruising effect. I also added little bits of black and red shadows to give that deeper effect, once I felt happy with it then added the fake blood! I wish I was able to make the cuts deeper and the add more blood, to complete it I added some safety pins. 

I then added a light brown shadow in the crease of my eyes and under my eyes too, then went in deeper into the crease with a darker shadow before adding a winged eyeliner, a wing much bigger than I'd usually wear. I then used a darker contour than normal to focus on that drained & slim zombie look. 

I had a lot of fun creating this look; but I'm aware how much I struggled to describe the way I created this, however the youtube video with definitely help. Only a couple more days left of my Halloween looks, enjoyyyy! 

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