See The Halloween #5: Minnie Mouse Zombie.



Okay, so I got started on the Disney halloween looks and now I just couldn't resist bringing it back! I feel like this could be a little bit too morbid for a Disney look but it was fun and I'm just going with it! I hope you don't mind seeing a dead Disney mouse. 

I've never had a favourite Disney character or film - I've just had an overall obsession for it all. I wish I re-create as many different characters as possible, maybe that can be my challenge for next year! 

It's really exciting for me as I've stepped up my Halloween game since last year. Last year I was using PVA glue and tissue paper and this year, well I'm still using tissue paper but now I'm using liquid latex and well it just works so much better! I'd always picked up some special fx wax but I hadn't found time to really get to grips with using I'll keep hold of it until next year! 

If you read yesterday post, you'll have noticed how terrible I was at describing how I used the liquid latex so I'm going to keep it simple in todays post and not explain it over again - instead send you to the video that helped me - here! I took a similar approach from this video, however I marked where I wanted my scarring and continued to layer the tissue - I also used thicker pieces of cotton wool around the edges to emphasise the depth of the wound. Once I'd made my wounds and was happy with them, I worked on the bruising effect - using blues, browns and purple eyeshadows around the edges and going in deeper with the red and the blacks. I completed it with the fake blood gel - which proved a little difficult to look authentic. 

I kept my makeup look pretty simple, using my everyday foundation and kept my winged liner pretty normal too - I made it quiet thick and applied some false lashes. I also applied colour drama red essential. Which match the whole Minnie Mouse aesthetic perfectly! 

This is my final halloween look for this year - I was hoping to share 7 - I hope you don't mind just 5! This one has been my favourite out of the looks I've created throughout this week and will more than likely be recreating this look next week for my work's Halloween party!

What're your party plans & outfit ideas; I'd love to know! 

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