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I'm really enjoying this series! Three day's in and I'm excited to share all the looks I can create. You're all well aware of the love for Disney I have - so I couldn't do Halloween without at least one Disney creation! Let's be honest,  day one didn't resemble the little mermaid but it made for a catchy title! When I creating my other looks I was awaiting the arrival of my halloween makeup - face paints, liquid latex & fake blood. So this was the first look I created once those products arrived...Don't you worry the more gory halloween looks will be coming soon! 

Continuing reading for how I created this look...

This look a couple attempts and at one point I almost threw in the towel, thinking fuck it! Instead I was patient and took my time (2.5 hours in fact) and finally finished with this look - practice make perfect, right? 

Creating the teeth was the long process of this look. Debating whether I started with the black and build in the white or vice versa. I'm going to try and describe this as best as possible...but I watched this youtube video for my inspirations and these photos on my Pinterest boards. After my first few attempts I settled with using the snazaroo white face paint to get a clean outline of the teeth. I went in with a thin makeup brush; going from thick to thin to create that curve of the teeth - I started in the middle, going left to right to make them as even as possible. I did this until I felt I'd added enough teeth and looking back I should've added a few more, so go as wide as possible when creating the Cheshire smile. I then went to the snazaroo black face paint using a smaller brush than with the white paint. Rather than drawing a line around my mouth and the teeth; I used downward brush strokes to give it that rough/smudged effect, just going gently around the teeth and creating smooth lines at the corners of the mouth to create that iconic curved smile - again something I would've made bigger and a little more creepy. I work back and forth with the black and white paints, to get this as perfect as possible. I tried to add a cute little cat nose - which went disastrously; so I added a little pink eyeshadow (the same I used on my eyes) to my cheeks & created whiskers. 

Originally I anticiapted this to look a little more 'disney' and squeaky clean - but I think the teeth ended up looking more zombified/skeleton like. Which really gives it that halloween & dark edge - and I love it! 

For my eyes; I was torn between the classic Cheshire Cat or focusing my attention towards the Tim Burton creation. Of course; I went classic and focused my attention on pinks. I didn't want to go too heavy with my eye makeup, so I used three colours and eyeliners (I was also scared of ruining it all and I was getting impatient with the stop/starting). I used a vibrant pink from the body collection 98 eyeshadows palette from Body Care, as my base colour and going into the crease with a medium brown to add little definition. I then used a molten eyes crayon from the Topshop makeup range in a shimmering pink to add that extra pop of colour! To complete the look I used a waterproof eyeliner to create a cat-eye, adding a flick in the outer and inner corners of my eyes and repeating the same with the white face paint on my lower lash-line to open up my eyes. - This could've all been a little cleaner but - I'll live and learn from my mistakes! 

I'm really pleased with how this worked out. I found it a little daunting and stressful as I haven't used face paints in a couple years - I'm hoping to build up the skills and be able to re-create this again next year with more effect and cleaner lines, or that's the plan anyway!

If you could create any Disney character for your Halloween look, who would you become?


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