Sunday Summary #18: Bloggers Blog Awards 2016

2.10.16 Leeds, UK


Unless you've been living under a rock or you aren't so active on twitter you may have missed that yesterday was the #bloggersblogawards all created from the magical wonders of Hayley from Tea Party Beauty. I've been to events before but never anything quite like this, an event created by a blogger, for bloggers and awards voted by other bloggers, something I've not experience in a while. There was a list of girls I was desperate to meet, sadly due to worrying about recognizing faces, I was reluctant to make myself known - so if you we're one of those people, I hope we get to chat more next time.
I wanted to take some incredible photos of the day; the venue, the girls I met, even attempted an OTTD post (which never happens)...but nothing came out the way I wanted. So I'm just uploading the photos from my phone and one or two may have been pinched from people (thanks bethany). Lots of girls were vlogging too, so if you wanted to see what really went down, I'll try and link some youtube channels for you.
The craziest thing about blogging is the people that you meet and instantly become the best of friends with. The week before the awards I got to know Gweni, after a couple conversations we we're planning to travel up to Leeds together and within the next couple of days we we're also being joined with Bethany & Steph. Saturday morning we all met up & thankfully Gweni drove us to Leeds (and I'm not sure if she realises how much we appreciated that driving). Once we arrived in Leeds we found a burger van (outside a Harley Davidson shop filled with bikers I might add) and had a quick lunch before heading to the venue. Suddenly it was 2pm & the awards we're starting.
We were welcomed with a glass of prosecco and the Bloggers Blog Award booklet, with all the information we needed...I'm SO gutted, because I put mine down and didn't pick up another before we headed home. The venue was beautiful, it was a little warehouse(?) with brick walls, fairy lights to brighten up the place and bits of beautiful artwork around the room too..and of course a bar!
Everyone slowly arrived within that first hour, many familiar faces - familiar faces from twitter of course...ngl, I had to check my twitter feed a few times to check the girl in person was the girl online, and please tell me I wasn't the only one to do this? I got to chat with Rachel, whom I've met at previous events so it was lovely to catch up again. I also got to say hello to Bex & Lydia, who I wish I got to chat with more, but just saying hello was better than anything! Honestly, I don't think I've ever done that dramatic run into the arms of another blogger before - at least I haven't for a while. But yesterday one of my blogger besties turned up and I just, it was a real movie moment. Kayleigh is such a lovely girl, she's so empowering and knows the best things to say! That trip to Manc must happen & soon, because girl I bloody miss you already.
More girls were arriving and more hugs were handed out - my favourite thing about the day was how everyone introduced themselves, first with their names and quickly changing to their twitter handles. That quick realisation of OH I KNOW YOU NOW! Definitely happened more times than any of us would like to admit! We continued chatting and getting to know everyone until 4pm. And that's when the awards were announced. I wish I could give you the whole run down of people who won - but I'll let you know the ones I remember & personally LOVE. Amy from Salt & Chic won Best Fashion Blog which was 100% deserved and I've obsessed over her style for a long time. Katy from Katy Belle won Best New Blogger On The Block I can't remember when I first came across her blog but I've loved her style, her content and photography ever since! Gutted she couldn't make it yesterday but so well deserved...Many others won like Megan won two awards; Best Beauty Blog and Best Blogging Pro, Katy won Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Social Media. & Vix won Best Dating Blog and Beverley won Best Travel Blog.
One of my favourite girls to meet was Vee we've been following each other online for a while, I love when we get to chat and I honestly got a little giddy when I noticed her in the room - it took me a good couple of minutes to head over and say hello! I also got to chat with Jess and Sarah two girls and blogs I've been envious of for months! It was amazing to put names to faces to two girls who are so kind online and we're just as bubbly and willing to chat yesterday. I think I stared at them both a little longer than I should've because -well have you seen them? They're fucking gorgeous! I'm so glad we got to meet and I'm excited to chat with you more and more!
The raffle was announced and if you've been following online you knew the amazing gifts up for grabs - sadly I didn't win anything but ooh well! The raffle ticket money went to a Cat charity (annoyingly can't remember the name now though)...pretty sure we raised an amazing amount with the tickets I saw in peoples hands. Before I knew it, it was time to head home. Around midnight I climbed into bed and oh boy, that sleep was needed.
I had a wonderful day and to feel the energy of love and positivity in the room yesterday was admittedly overwhelming, I can't believe so many men and women can be joined in a room and feel like we've known each other for years - just from one thing in common, the internet! Each and every person I met has given me a kick to get back into my blogging. The time you take out of your day and the way you'll have an idea in place for your blog has truly inspired me. 
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