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Oh, it feels like forever since I wrote a beauty post. But I'm trying to bring back that mix between my content, I'm sure you're all bored of hearing about the ups and downs on my life by now?

But today I wanted to share some of my favourite products when it comes to the essential RED LIP. 

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll have noticed my love/hate relationship with lipsticks (I'll either be wearing lipsticks or I'll go without for weeks). Now I'm forever purchasing new ones and have a massive stash in my beauty drawer, and it wasn't until recently I decided to pick out all the RED ones and review them all. The colour differences, durability, etc. etc. 

Would it be sad to admit I purchased this because of the name on the product? Okay, let's be realistic tell any of us that this lip shade is Blake Lively's & we're all going to be a little more interested, right? This lipstick came out with a range of colours but this was the only one I picked up. Honestly, I've not worn this is quiet a while and I don't really know why! Although it's pure red it's a pink toned colour which depending on my hair colour just doesn't suit me too well. From doing this post I've also realised that this is a DUPE for the MAC RED, so you're pretty lucky if you've got one or the other n your collection.

MAC - R.E.D.
This is the shade I find identical to the pure red, Whilst it isn't an orange tone exactly, it's very close - as I don't tend to suit them. This is definitely a warmed tone lip product and depending on the eye shadow I've gone with that day, it's essential I picked the correct lip colour - so I tend to use this on a dark smokey look or just a simple cat eye. Again I haven't used this for a while, but whilst my hair is still silver blonde, this will be the perfect shade with that relaxed eye look. 

These lipsticks are rather old now; but when they were orginally released to the makeup revolution website - I knew they were for me! At the price of £2.50 (or maybe 3?) you can't expect too much from them, so believe me when I say they don't last too long on the lips. This is such a perfect red, it's such a vibrant colour with that little hint of plum to give it that gothic edge. 

Freedom is the sister brand to Makeup Revolution so of course my opinion on the durability and lasting of the products are very similar. However in comparison to the i am ready this definitely has that vampy red thing going on and I couldn't be more in love with it. Usually around the winter months my lips get taken over with plum/deep purple shades, and this is a nice change - I mean it's still very similar to the colours I usually wear but it's a red, so it's completely different all at the same time, yknow? 

I wouldn't say this was my FIRST lipstick, but this shade was potentially my first red shade which I purchased when I first started getting into beauty. Knowing very little when it comes to colours and their tones - I'm taking a little gamble when I call this a blue toned red! Overall I find it that perfect red, similar to the MAC Russian Red! It's that shade I'll wear majority of the time as I find it suits me skin tone alongside everything else. 

I'm not sure whether admitting this makes me a bad beauty blogger or not? But I've never used a lip liner until I picked this up. I understand that the lipstick bleeds after a while and I'll reassure that the lip liner can stop that; but only a little! And when I find it difficult enough to remember to apply lipstick - how do you think I cope with a liner? The thing I like the most about this primark liner is that the colouring is a pure/bright red which actually suits the majority of the colours I own. 

I have a more in depth review on these lipsticks - here. When looking online I was a little in love with these shades and at £1.99 each, who can resist? Sadly they just didn't live up to expectation, well okay my expectations were low anyway but still! 33 is this gorgeous vampy red, with a brown tone to it and 32 is an orange toned red which is perfect for that bright lip. However, the wand is a little too long for a precise application and the finish is a little patchy. It'll dry within seconds and the matte finish just sticks to my lips but will also crumble in areas (?) it's very awkward and and make my lips so sore which is uncomfortable, I'm still in love with the colouring and the beautiful red shades I picked up - just that matte is a little too matte, yknow? 

And that's my top choices when it comes to red. From my all time favourites to a few disappointing picks, since becoming a white blonde girl I've noticed how much the red lip suits my skin tone and hair colour - and now we're in Autumn, I know for a fact I'll be wearing these shades more and more. Although I love these colours; Im always after new brands, shades and finishes, so please leave your recommendations in the comments? 


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