A Quick Fix For Dry Eyes.



I've been wearing glasses since I was 14, I've been wearing contact lenses since I was 16 and I still struggle with my eyes from time to time. My eye sight continues to get worse each year but something I've noticed over the years and I can do something about is my dry eyes. I tend get dry eyes when wearing my contact lenses, but I've noticed in the last couple months that I'm getting irritated eyes more often than I wear my lenses, I've tried eyes drops before but they got messy and my makeup would run and smudge because of it. 

So when Optrex got in contact for me to review a few products, I jumped at the chance! Especially throughout December I'll be wearing my contact lenses a whole lot more  - with Christmas parties just around the corner and trips to the Christmas market, I like to wear my contact lenses purely for ease and I don't like wearing my glasses in photos! I'll also be working a whole lot more (of the joys of big film releases) so with lack of sleep will come the tired eyes. 

Personally, I was more excited to test out the Acti-Mist 2 in 1 Eye Spray* as I've used eye drops over the years and that's become a bit of a ball ache for me, I forget to pop the bottle in my bag, I have to awkward poke my eye's to get the drops into my eyes and it makes my makeup run - urgh annoying! Luckily with the eye mist, I can spray this over closed eyes and I'll have need to worry about my makeup smudging, trust me it's one of their selling points on the box! It's said to last up to 4 hours before your eyes feel dry and irritated again, unfortunately I only seem to get a quick relief and need to spray my eyes again within a couple of minutes. I think the problem is my eyes are constantly dry from being constantly tired (I wish I had an excuse for; but lack of sleep is usually down to watching too much Netflix). I think the reason the mist doesn't work too well is because my eyes are far too tired. I went to bed at 9:30 pm last week and still woke up the next morning with heavy eyes!? Something I struggle to do is take time out, even for 10 minutes. I'm constantly looking at my phone or my computer, out with friends and family or working, even when I'm taking time out for myself...I'll usually end up watching something online. My eyes are constantly working and I'm beginning to feel it! When I received the Warming Eye-Mask* I was excited to see how this worked for me, it's said to relieve and relax tired eyes and taking those 10 minutes out to refresh myself was everything I needed, I could've fallen asleep with this! The mask begins to warm up within three minutes of being taken out of it's packet an I found with this mask is it'll also help when I'm struggling with a headache too! 

Since using these products it's really opened my eyes (ha, get it) that I need to take more care with my eye-sight. I realise I haven't had my eyes checked this year, I need to find time during each day when I don't look at a screen, computer, tv, phone or till! And I definitely need to get my hands on more of the masks too! 

Do you suffer with dry and irritated eyes? What're your suggestions to help calm them? 

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