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If you've been following See The Stars since March this year, you'll have joined the journey of my silver hair. You'll have seen the green, the grey, purple, pink and those stages in between - some that I hope you've all forgotten about, and I'm sharing you today one last hair experiment before booking my next appointment. 

Since becoming a blondie, I've been testing out different semi-permanent hair dyes, different brands of colouring as well as toners. Majority of the toners I've used have been to remove the brassy tones from my hair, especially after a fresh bleach. The toner works to remove any of the yellow/orange tones in blonde hair and has worked to change my hair from a bleach blonde barbie to this white blonde look that I've been wanting for a while. The difference between using toners and hair dyes - is that this semi-permanent product has less chemicals, the Jerome Russel Bblonde* range has no ammonia and peroxide and is a non permanent product which has less/little damage to the hair. 

As bloggers we find this level of excitement when brands want to work with us! But there's something a little more exciting about working with a brand that you've purchased before, feeling recognised by a brand and talking about a product you know you get along with already, well that's how I'm feeling today. 

When I've not had a toner at hand when I've needed to give my hair a touch up; I've used silver shampoo. Popped that over my hair for about an hour and it usually does the same trick this would do. The formula of this particular bottle had a subtle tone of red - which lead me to be slightly worried that my hair would become orange by the time I'd finished washing it out, and if you tend to worry like me, it was totally fine and that colour didn't hold. The platinum toner is the least likely to make much change to my hair colouring, instead will just brighten and take away any unwanted yellow tones, but sadly, I found minimal change to my hair, which I wasn't discouraged by as similar white toners haven't worked perfectly with my hair before either - however I'd continue to use this to keep that brightness in my hair. 

I mentioned above how I've used silver shampoo in the past to add a little colour into my hair. Not only has the shampoo reduced the yellow tones it's also adds a little colour into my hair - so over the course of the last couple months I've gone through phases of purple/lilac tones in my hair and because of this I was really excited to get this lilac on my head and bring back that lilac look. Again unfortunately this didn't hold at all I don't know what went wrong, lilac usually takes the easiest on my hair - hence why I've had purple a shit ton of time throughout 2016...I also mixed the lilac with the aqua the following week; which the two combined turned my hair a tint of grey! 

Once this arrived at my door, I was scared at the thought of going this colour. I have no particular reasoning for being so nervous - just never really contemplated turning my hair blue/green before. I decided to make the plunge and pop the aqua on my hair, the things we do for our blogs, ey! I want to say let's not talk about it; but really we  have too! First off, I tip my hat to you if you're brave enough for the aqua/green/blue phases, as it was definitely not the shade I would do again. As it's a toner; I knew the colour wouldn't be as vivid as the colour on the box, I actually left this on for a longer process time that suggested (45/50 minutes) but sadly the colour just didn't really show. It could just be because of how I like my own hair colour; but personally I was expecting the colour on the box, instead this was very pale. After a couple days of this colour, I've come to notice that the subtle shading of aqua actually works well for me. 

I'm happy to say that one of the colours worked well for me, woo! I've gone pink several times this year so this wasn't a dramatic change for me. I popped the toner on for 30/45 minutes, which is roughly the average time I'll pop a toner on. It turned a baby pink with a subtle hint of purple which I'm actually quite fond of, and after 3 washes has only now begun to fade. I found with this shade (unlike colours similar to the aqua) is that after a number of washes my hair will fade to it's original blonde, which leaves more room for experimentation, 

So I spent the month switching up my hair to test out these colours; unfortunately not all of them were colours I was fond of but I'm glad I got to make the colour change one final time. As we speak when this post goes lives I'll be at the hairdressers getting some new colour on my head. Im extremely excited and of course I'll be sharing the colour with you as soon as possible. 

Happy Monday everyone, have a good day x 


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