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So you might be reading this because you're involved in this post, or you might just be here because you want to read all about some mine and a few others dirty little secrets. Ok, Ok, so they aren't exactly dirty- but I'll tell you what, by the end of this post you'll realise how normal you are as a blogger, I noticed how alike I was to other people and how some peoples confessions were similar to my confessions too. 

I'm going to jump straight into this as I know many of you are as excited as I am to get reading: 

1.  Fake tan and false nails are things I try and try again to us and I'm still sure they aren't my forte. 

2. 90% of the time I fall asleep with my makeup on...and I always forget to brush my hair!  

3. I still don't understand how the whole SEO thing works, I can never remember my DA score or whether it's good or bad and getting my analytics to work with a reliable number - it all drives me crazy and I wish I knew it more. 

4. I'm always complimented when it comes to my photography, I'm flatlay goals - don't you know! But truth be told, I'm totally winging it I really wish I could share all my skills but I just keep trying new designs and I still think there's plenty of room for improvement. 

5. I always make my boyfriend click on all my affiliate links! 

6. Playing Christmas music when reading a cosy Christmas related post. 
7. I tend to take my blog photos the day before posting said post and my best friend takes my outfit posts. 
- @wanderlustkyia

8. I almost always take part in the twitter chats when I'm in the bath! 

9. I don't have a pretty little desk like most, 100% of the time I'll be on the sofa, one hand on my dog and the other typing my posts, all whilst I'm watching a film too! 
- @undertowonder

10.  Writing blog posts when I should be writing college assignments.
- @lifeformelately

11.  Sometimes I make a cup of tea to use as a prop for my Instagram photos. By the time I've taken a few *cough* 700 *cough* the tea has gone cold and I can't drink it! 
12. Sometimes I'll blog while I'm in the blog. 

13.  I buy products just because they look good in my social media photos! 
- @slightlyvoguish

14. I'm a blogging slob! I always thought I'd have the pinterest desk and the cute stationary but I blog in my onesie, curled up on the sofa or in bed with my hair shoved up with Netflix on.

- @makeupwithjayxo

15. I take blog photos last minutes when I should really do them in bulk; I also can't blog without a cup of tea in hand! 
- @Jems_Journal

16. 99% of the time I blog as soon as I get out of the shower! So I end up blogging in my underwear - sometimes I end up just blogging in my towel because effort. 
- @horrorgrrrrl

17. I use my blog as an opportunity to purchase things I don't need. Whether it's new props for background or even more makeup. 


18.  My walls aren't actually that white! I have an unhealthy obsession with the whitening tool on face-tune. 

19.  I usually check my comments after I've had sex! 
- @thissideofsarah

20. I have to be in bed in comfy clothes (preferably pj's & NO bra) 100% comfort! Hair up in the worst bun possible, music blaring, candles lit and all the products around me. It sounds like I work in a mess surrounded by mess, but that's when I'm at my most creative! 
- @sianmariebeauty

21. I tend to have writing spree's and write 2/3 posts at a time! I get so excited I end up posting them all at once!...One time I even set the posting time back a day so that they don't look like they were posted at the same time! 
- @veeosullivan_

22. Whenever I go out for food with my boyfriend. I'll choose our seating based on lighting and when our food is served I have to take loads of photos. 
- @racheywills94

23. I accidentally let my food go cold because I'm too busy taking photos!
- @dontfaff

24.  I normally come up with post ideas while on the toilet or when I'm in the shower! 

25.  Not showering before crazy makeup posts, because who wants to shower twice in the space of an hour! 
26. Online I seem confident but in reality I'm actually quiet shy! 

27.  I have to wait half the day for my battery to charge because I forgot to charge it the night before, I then film in my pjs. 
- @undiscovered_HQ
28. I reuse photographs on my blog more than I'd like to admit. 
29. Sometimes I buy products I know are overpriced just to blog about them, then forget all about them. 

30. As a student I justify spending money by 'I'll write about it'...'I have 10 lipsticks in this colour but I can review it'! 

31. I film my youtube videos without trousers! When I lived at home my mom came into the room and pointed out I had no trousers on. My dad, being my dad embarrassingly shouted 'ayy, she's filmed some porno videos!' So cringey but I included in my video anyway! 

32. I'm scared to even call myself a blogger - especially in front of others! 

33.  I excuse myself from uni work, with the mind frame that blogging is work too! 


34. My blog was the real push I needed to get out there and find full time work. Before I blogged I was quiet happy just scraping by, but now I need things like products to review, flowers and fairy lights for photos so I had to get a better job! 
- @staticgypsyblog

35. My blogger confession is that even thought my photos are bright and clean, it's all just a set up and my room is actually dark and messy. I can't help it, my clothes seem to prefer to be everywhere but the drawers!
- @bethanblog

36. Right now I'm sat in my 'blogger joggers',Basically they are some of the lace up grey joggers from the Sarah Ashcroft X misguided range and I wear them all the time to blog in. So I call them my blogger joggers!

37. Ignoring my Husband as I'd rather spend time on Blogger Twitter Chats!

38. The ideas about blog posts usually come to my mind at class so I usually write whole blog post in school and you can find the in every notebook I have!

39. I'm a YouTuber and more than I'd like to admit, I'm usually wearing pj bottoms in my videos, I'll do my make up/hair and wear a nice top and what people can't see won't be done up!

40. The amount of times I have to google words to make sure it's spelled right is ridiculous!

41. I had to teach my mom how to use a DSLR camera so she can sometimes take my fashion posts!

42. Despite having my own camera, I always end up stealing my boyfriend's for sexy flat lays and outfit shots. I can't help myself, I'm just drawn to that sigma lens.
- @oh_january

43. Sometimes I don't like to follow Instagram accounts back when they follow me. They always seem to unfollow straight away!

44. often blog when i have a uni deadline and I have roughly 80 posts in my drafts that aren't finished.
- @pinaforesposies

45. I spend a fortune on beauty and make up with the justification that I can blog about it!
- @bubblybex3

46. I had no idea about scheduling posts and tweets until a few months ago - and I've been blogging over 2 years!

47. Several times I've started projects for blog posts and started too many to finish them all as a result I now own several ladies dresses that I got from eBay for 1p and haven't been bothered to try to resell them they aren't my girlfriends size and I dont intend to start cross dressing.

48. I spend the time I should be writing my own blog reading other peoples.

49. Starting to write a post then getting excited over a different one and starting that one and doing the same til I have 5 unfinished posts in my drafts!
- @stealthebeauty

I was so excited to share this post, I published before I actually completed it! However, I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who got involved in this post, it feels amazing to work with so many bloggers and to get to know everyone's dirty blogging secrets!

Do you have any that aren't on the list, I'd love to hear them?


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