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It's been forever since I last shared any monthly favourites; purely down to lack of testing out new products or just overall laziness. Since it's been so long and I was struggling to find any content ideas for November (I'm already working on my blogmas content - so my blogging brain is in Christmas mode).  

I'm genuinely excited to share these products with you today, it wasn't until a couple days ago I realised how I've not shared my thoughts on these pieces before. As always there's a little mix between beauty, tv and film as well as my usual little catch up on my life. If you read my latest sunday summary (here) you'll be caught up on how hectic my life was throughout October. Something I'm usually able to balance out well but I lost control a little near the end of the month. I've had a couple days out; from blogging, working and focused on my relationship & friendships etc. Refreshing as that was, I'm ready to dive back into normality - well blogging at least, luckily I've got a week off from work, wehey! 


It feels like my shopping habits have slowed down recently; focusing on saving money and generally being a little tight - I feel like I've picked up nothing new recently, but admittedly I've slipped a couple times and have a few new products to add to my collection. Majority of which I shared within my mini makeup haul (here) during October. My ultimate favourite from this haul being the MUA velvet lip lacquer and I picked up a second shade not long after; I highly recommend the shades tranquility and harmony.  Although the lip lacquer's have their issues, the brand has improved the formula and these are 100x better than they once were. Both perfect nudes; and for £3 I'll gladly be picking up more from the range in the future. With my love for lip products resurfacing, I've also been obsessing over the Sleek matte me especially the shade vino tinto - so much so I'm currently working on a review post on the matte me products I own and considering purchasing a couple more soon. 

Whilst working on another blogmas post; I dug out the fairy dust from Lush. I've only used this a handful of times during the month but I've fallen completely in love with this and wish I had a reason to sparkle everyday (- I think work colleagues would question my sanity if I wore glitter everyday). And although I'm currently resisting every urge to wear it daily, I'm glad I've found it out to use throughout December - Christmas parties I'll be a beautiful sparkling blob. 


Ok, ok so if you follow me on twitter you'll be completely bored by my running commentary of Grey's Anatomy. After months of debating whether I should watch this season at the end of September I decided to take the plunge and throughout October I watched 7 seasons - so if you're all caught up, no spoilers as I've read more than I wanted too and my heart can't take anymore! In all seriousness I've been sleeping less to watch one more episode before bed, it's the only thing that get me through to the end of my shifts and I can no longer watch it whilst trying to blog...because then I'll never get anything done. Miranda Bailey is my all-time favourite character, I'm in love with her and her sass and seeing her vulnerable just breaks my heart. Derek & Meredith are my one true pairing and if I find out they break up in the later seasons - I don't think I'll be able to cope. And well I just fancy all the male doctors, Derek, Mark & Alex

I've been watching a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls this month too, I was hoping to complete all seven seasons before November 25th - but that would mean holding off and Grey's & I ain't ready for that! I'm genuinely counting down the days until the new season of Gilmore Girls and I squeal with excitement the closer it's getting. I want to book the day off work so I can binge watch the season - #NOSHAME. 


I think I've filled you in enough with my life on my sunday summary but there's just a few little things I wanted to mention again. I've had some really exciting blogger mail sent to me recently - the Bblonde hair toner being a little sneak peek for you, I'm looking forward to working with more brands over the next couple of weeks - sometimes it feels like all my hard work is paying off. That also being said, I'm going to switching up my hair for a future blog post but I'm hoping for the end of December to be rid of the blonde hair altogether. It was nice whilst it lasted but I think I'm ready for a change. 

I've also rediscovered my love for my photography, my digital camera and even video editing. Whilst my photography is constantly complimented on my blog (seriously, thank you for everyone who compliments it, it warms my heart) - but I fear I take the worst photographs, I dug out my digital camera over the weekend for a Halloween party at work and it reminded me why I purchased it in the first place. With all that excitement with camera's throughout September & October I've been photographing my boyfriend and his brother for their fitness page, at the moment they focus only on a facebook page however should be moving to youtube soon enough. I edited a sneak peek video for them last week and I shocked myself with how much I enjoyed it! Not only the quality of the video but the editing as a whole - I've not edited since my final year at university so it was nice getting back to it! Maybe I'll be attempting youtube myself soon enough?! (...maybe, but maybe not). 

Woah, well this turned into a lengthy post - this definitely wasn't part of the plan. Apparently once I got going I couldn't stop with the typing! I've struggled recently to find that motivation to complete blog posts or to even start them so I'm glad this post has given me that kick up the backside that I've needed and with a week off in the near future - I'll be spending every free minute planning, photographing and writing my blog posts. 

If there's anything you'd like to see on See The Stars; please leave me suggestions.


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