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There's two reasons why I'm excited to share this post today; one) because I'm so impressed with my photography, just look how pretty! And two) because this thing is a life saver, honestly. In all seriousness though, I'm very excited by this post. I've seen many other bloggers reviewing this little beauty and I'm excited to share my thoughts too (let's see how many time I used the word 'excited' to describe this post?).

Being the pessimistic person that I am, I was a little skeptical on this product until it arrived at my door. Wondering how it would make much difference to my makeup routine? Or how would it work with my brushes?  *SPOILER ALERT* I love it! Why hasn't this been a thing until now, the amount of clothing items I've ruined with wiping the excess eye-shadow away, the amount of times I've wiped it up my arms and legs - Thankfully I can finally be a clean person without having to explain to people that the marks on my hands aren't bruises...

If you haven't seen this products floating around the blogging community, I'll give you a little introduction. The SHADOW SWITCH* is a little pot that contains a spongey pad, using this magical little pot it wipes away the excess products you used previously before moving onto the next shadow colour. Personally, I think this will be perfect for makeup users with a smaller brush collection, as up until this year I own only a handful of brushes and this would've been the perfectly solution. Over the last couple of weeks of using this I've noticed the difference between my makeup looks when I do and when I don't use the shadow switch, it really helps get in between the brush hairs and clear the brush thoroughly in comparison to the back of my hand.

Just a little post today; I'm extremely impressed with this products but I'm reaching a point where I'm going to say excited as my only description, so I'm going to stop talking. But yes, it's good! Sarah likes and I know others approve, oh and you can purchase your own shadow switch for £5.99*.

ps...this is also perfect for all us lazy people who leave it a little too long between cleaning brushes.


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