Silver Hair Essentials Haul #2.


See The Stars - Silver Hair Essentials Haul
See The Stars -XXL Live Lilac Hair Dye
See The Stars - Xpel Hair Care - Shampoo & Conditioner
See The Stars - Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Dry Shampoo
See The Stars - Silver Hair Essentials Haul


You've been on this hair journey with me, you watched me switch from a brunette > blonde > silver blonde. Whilst I've written a few posts when it comes to my hair colour & it's care and every-time I'll tell you how I'm winging it, it's fact - I'm almost pretending I know what I'm doing. But these posts seem to be popular either way! 
I wanted to share some of my most recent purchases, all of which are new to me! It's been a couple weeks since I picked these up, so I've got a fair idea as to whether they're working or not! 

I went back to the hairdresser's in September to remove any grey & pink tones, I was done with them - I didn't think it worked for me and I wanted a fresh started. But a couple weeks later I ended up in body care and found this hair dye for £3.99 and it looked like a subtle mix between a lilac/grey. Not too heavy & would potentially fade after a few washes. And let me tell you, it wasn't lilac! My hair turned a bubblegum pink instantly. SO I quickly washed it out and now my hair is a weird faded colour. I'm staying away from any bottled dyes for the foreseeable future! 

I tend to purchase the pro:voke touch of silver products, but for the blog I wanted to test something new and this was £1.99 for each bottle - so why not, ey! I can't say I'm finding any difference between the two hair products; this one has less of an odour in comparison and can be used daily, whereas others recommend to use every other day. The colours of the shampoo & conditioner are lighter than the usual - which I think is why these products don't lighten my hair like other products do! For the price, I'll continue using them however if I were using this in the hope that they'd tone and continue to give my hair a lilac shade then I'd be throughly disappointed.

I've always known they sell dry shampoo for different hair types - but I don't really get why? To me it's dry shampoo and when I saw one for silver hair, I thought I'd test it out! Honestly, I see no difference between using this and any other, it works like any other yet it's still got the sweet parma violet scent, it helps give my hair that quick clean feeling and gives my hair that needed volume. Again, the price tag isn't bad and actually makes me want to purchase this again in the future. Whilst I don't see how it benefits my silver hair, it does exactly what it's intended too and that'll do for me!
Just a little post today and potentially one of my last silver hair posts. No appointments are booked, but I'm ready for a change in colour! It's been a fun couple of months, but I'm yet to find a hair colour I'm really happy with so it's time to change, wish my hair (and my hairdresser) luck for whatever change I make next. 


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