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See The Stars - Skincare Favourites
See The Stars - Skincare Favourites
See The Stars - Skincare FavouritesSee The Stars - Skincare Favourites


Well this is something you don't see often on my blog. I'm going to *try* and chat about my favourite skincare choices. I use skincare products very loosely but you'll know that by now! I know, I know, I've been blessed with stupidly clear skin - but I have occasional break outs, so of course I've got some bits and pieces in my beauty collection. 
Obviously not needing the skincare products much - I don't think I'm the best with my explanations - so please be kind to me if I make any mistakes. 

An essential all year round, a fond favourite of mine too! Especially within the next few months my lips tend to dry up at the worst time and this is my best fix. When looking for lip balms, I tend to go after flavour over anything else, I guess not only does the flavour make sure a scent but also for a better taste on my lips; and my lips always smooth over within days. I've switched between the original, rosy lips and recently the cocoa butter - I've always been a fan of the scent of cocoa butter; so clearly the one I'm using right now is my current favourite! 

Again with the cocoa butter (you'll learn this is my favourite thing ever). Cocoa butter has this rich scent and a lasting aroma that keeps me feeling great throughout the day - it also really nourishes my skin and keeps it feeling 10x better. I'd been eyeing up this intensive care moisturiser for a while but never found an excuse to pick it up - until I broke out in an unfortunate rash a couple months back and needed something to soothe my skin back to normality. I'll pop this on my skin every so-often and definitely after shaving my legs, because it keeps my skin smoooooth!

I've had the ultrabland for a while now - it should possibly be used up by now! But it takes me a while to get through some products! I picked this up when I felt my skin was at it's worst, I was breaking out and my skin felt horrible - after many recommendations I picked this up! Whilst it's a facial cleanser and it's great to lather on my face when I'm having a terrible skin day, but doubled as a makeup remover when I forgot my makeup wipes on a holiday last year! Whilst it's soothing and fixes my skin right up - the honey & beeswax ingredients make this a scent I can't get along with. 

I've always heard amazing things about this little facial cleanser and I bite bullet not too long ago and I haven't looked back since. Not only has that beautiful smell of popcorn hooked me in, the way it leaves my skin has too. You simple use a small amount of this with some water and create a paste - I then rub into my skin, focusing on my nose & chin where I have majority of my breakouts. I'll let it sit for a couple minutes before washing away. Overall let the good times roll just leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, and smelling amazing too! 
Another product which should possibly be thrown out by now is this blemish stick - this is a god send to me. When I have those deep/under the skin spots that just won't budge, this works a treat! I'll just dab this over my blemishes and within a day or two, the spot has almost vanished. I think it's time to pick this up again because I'd be totally lost without this! 

I recieved a couple of Dr. Organic* products a couple months ago and I've been slowly working my way through the bits I recieved. I've been using face wash, shower gel, moisterises and this rescue cream whilst I'm impressed with the range as a whole, nothing competes with this hemp oil - a small amount goes a long way and I've been using little bits of this before bed every couple of days and my skin feels amazing afterwards. 

As I've already admitted; my routine comes and goes but these products are my current favourites and I'm excited to continue seeing the results but I'm also excited to test out more. So if you've got any product recommendations, please do let me know! 

Anything marked with an asterix (*) was sent in return for review on See The Stars - all photography & thoughts are 100% my own. 


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