Sleek Matte Lip Cream: Review.


See The Stars - Sleek Matte Lip Cream Review
See The Stars - Sleek Matte Lip Cream Review
See The Stars - Sleek Matte Lip Cream Review
See The Stars - Sleek Matte Lip Cream Review


So this post has been a long time coming - so much so I've written this a number of times, and taken the photos a few times too...Something about the previous attempts just didn't feel right so let's hope this attempt sticks!

Over the years I've known about SLEEK but something never really stuck and I never made much effort to test out their products. Although, if we want to jump into the archives of See The Stars; I wrote a terrible review on their matte lipsticks back in 2014 (here) since then I toyed with a couple of products but Sleek was never a brand that I'd check out when shopping. With matte liquid lipsticks becoming a popular makeup choice over the years and these specifically being a bloggers top choice, these were definitely products I wanted to test out. 

If you ever get to take a peek in my makeup collection; firstly you'll noticed the amount of mascaras and eyeliner products I own and secondly you'll see a theme when it comes to my lipsticks. I like my reds, purples and nudes and that's about it. I'm scared to test out orange shades & I know pink doesn't work for me, but I know what I like and usually end up with similar shades from a variety of brands, oops? 

The first of the two purchases was the plum/berry shade and I'm telling you now I'm obsessed and I have been from the moment I purchased it. The shade is 1041 VINO TINTO a gorgeous maroon shade which is a purple shade which undeniably leans towards the berry red tones. I think what I love most about this shade is it's innocence with the red tones but also gives off this powerful gothic vibe and I love me some dark gothic lips. I think dark purple shades just like this one work with both simple or heavy makeup looks. Personally I'm still searching for that perfect nude lip but the 436 BIRTHDAY SUIT is definitely top choice right now. This shade is pink toned, which I can't really work with - but this one feels some what different. I know crazy, but somehow I find this shade of pink appealing, okay okay so I'm struggling to find the vocab to explain this shade. It's nude, with a hint of pink which almost has a subtle tone of purple, y'know? After wearing these both over a couple months I find that vino tinto last a little longer but can be a right pain in the arse when touching up. On first application it's incredibly smooth but if you're to reapply a few hours later, it's crumbles on the lips - and that's not attractive. But in true matte style, it's a nightmare to remove before and after reapplication.

As you can tell I'm obsessed with both these shades; and I'm in love with how different the shades are. Now I'm hoping I can pick up a deep red shade ready for the Christmas season, any other recommendations would be appreciated. 


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