Sunday Summary #21: It's Been A While..



Happy Sunday everyone!

I've woken up refreshed and excited for my day! I've no real plans, although we may be heading to the cinema later this afternoon. But for now, I've got my fluffy socks keeping my feet warm and singing along to Disney songs whilst I wait for my boyfriend to finish work. I've been blogging pretty solidly for the last two weeks; but I haven't really felt present when it comes to my blogging - thankfully everything was pre-written & scheduled (so their no forced content here). I was busy working last weekend and it left me feeling worn-out, so I took a couple days out from my blog and concentrated on having a couple of lazy days - and now I think it's time to come back.

Fortunately I wasn't just busy with work this week - I've attended Halloween parties, caught up with some friends and had a dance performance yesterday evening so I've had some fun but as you can imagine it's been a little hectic in the 'see the stars' world and in true Sunday Summary style, I'm going to tell you ALL about it.

Last weekend was pretty normal, I worked all weekend and with new releases of films it wasn't the quietest weekend - but I survived and it was perfectly fine, but I worked long hours and over a long stretch of days, so by the end I was most definitely burnt-out. But at the end of my last shift before a couple days off, it was time for our work's Halloween Party. We started things off a little differently this year and headed to a Zombie Apocalypse run thing, and it was horrible - horrible but fun. It was set in tunnels in the middle of the forest and we were taken round by people taking us to our refuge to keep us safe - whilst being chased and attacked by Zombies. For people who aren't afraid of Zombie's this was amazing; for me, I couldn't breathe and hated it a little bit. However, looking back a couple days later I must admit it was great fun...I just wont be going again next year! Once the run was over we headed back to work - and once the cinema was completely closed our Halloween party begun. A massive gladiator style bouncy castle, fifa on the big screen and drinks in the middle of your work's foyer sounds like the craziest thing ever, right? But I'll tell you now, it's so much fun! Just you and your work friends and no interruptions from other parties etc. I was so glad I had the following day off as I was a little worse for wears the following morning.

I got to catch up with two of my best friends from work this week - it's been forever since we got to sit altogether and just catch up! We popped into town for Lunch, some shopping and myself and Laura may have ended up with new piercings, I love simple days like this with unexpected plans and spontaneous piercing decisions, ha! I picked up Lady on this trip as she and all the other medium sized soft toys are £10 in Disney Store at the moment. Two weeks ago was first the anniversary of my family loosing our dog Paddy, it's been a horrible year without him and everything just feels so empty and if you know me personally you know the effect this has had on me. But I miss that warm affection that comes from a dog and knowing I wont be getting another any time soon - Lady has become my 'replacement' for a pet. I've cuddled up to her every day since I purchased her and yes, I am a child!

This week has been a year since mine and Tom's trip to Disneyland Paris - so as you can imagine all my memories have been popping up and reminding me of this wonderful trip! You can see all my photographs and my stories from the trip -here. Whilst nothing beats watching Disney Dreams on Bonfire Night, me and Tom gave it a go yesterday. We were both well aware that this time last year we were watching the fireworks outside Sleeping Beauty's castle but we tried not to dwell on the fact and yesterday came pretty damn close, I think just spending those moments with Tom make both equally as magical. Bonfire Night and fireworks have been something I've loved over the years - something I've romanticised actually; wrapping up warm with a hot chocolate and a loved one keeping you warm, perfect!

Yesterday I was also doing a dance show - I'd love to count and tell you how many I've done in the 18 years I've been with the dance school, but I need my mother's help in remembering each of them! It was a short and sweet show this time round and I was stupidly stressed out this time round. No real stage fright nerves; but I just couldn't quiet get my head around each of my dances and it wasn't until I was on stage and enjoying myself with the best friends I could wish for; that I truly let go of the stress and simple enjoyed myself. I can't wait to get back to lessons and start rehearsing for next year!

Andddd, I think that's everything from this week! Hectic right?  


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