Sunday Summary #22 : The A-Z of Me!



It's been a while since I uploaded a tag onto my blog, a good year or two! I've spotted this a-z tag going round a little bit and took inspiration from my friends jess - where she combined this tag with an outfit post. Being as both are rarely seen on See The Stars, it just made sense the bite the bullet and share them together. 

This is more of a OOTD fail post - I can't stand there and look good like everyone else manages; I get awkward and nervous and this is the end result of that! 

A - Adventure - Growing up I dreamt of adventure, I was going to see and be places - sadly anxiety has stopped me from doing that lately. I hope these changes soon!
B - Blogging - I have a lot of love for this crazy thing that I do, blogging has brought so much happiness, friendship and career goals, I can't wait to see where this little hobby of mine will take me next.
C - Cinema - I work in a cinema; I work crazy hours and see things I didn't think I would! But this job means I get to combine what I studied throughout college & university with film - and even though it not what I had planned - it's a damn good start!
D - Dancing - Did you know, I've been dancing for 18 years now. Whilst I still feel amateur and I know people dance 100x better than I do, I dance and I love it!
E - Emotional - I'm an emotional-wreck. All day, everyday! It's an emotional rollercoaster with me..Ask Tom!
F - Friendships - I bloody love my friendships. If you're a friend of mine and we don't chat - just know it's not me being a rude little shit, I'm just stupidly busy. I like to believe friendships can pick up where they left off and when that happens it's a powerful thing! You get that when you friend leaves for the Army or you loose your strongest friendship to university.
H - Honest Feelings - I like honesty but it also scares the shit out of me! I can't lie to save my life, I like being honest about things, but other times being honest (especially to myself) is the hardest thing ever.
I - Intimidated - I'm intimidated by people, career choices, making changes. Everything scares and intimidates me!
J - jingle all the way - okay, okay, it's november it's not time for all things Christmassy, but for the last few days I've listened to a couple of xmas songs and I've even watched a christmassy film or two. I should be ashamed but I'm so excited, oops.
K - Kind-hearted - I mean don't take my word for it; I sound a little big headed, y'know? But I try, I try and put everyone else first and to make everyone happy. Sometimes it's a real pain in the arse and sometimes it's not worth my time, but I try my best to be a kind-hearted person.

L - Lazy Days - Preferably with my boyfriend wrapped in a blanket, with a chick flick & junk food are my favourite.  
M - Memories - Taking photos, collecting tickets and keeping little momento's are my thing. I blog about things, I scrapbook, I keep albums and photos everywhere. I don't want to forget any of the moments I've lived! 
N - Notebooks - I didn't think I'd become that girl. Stationary as a whole doesn't always excite me, I'll pick up a pack of pens every so often but that's about it. But notebooks, but I can't do it...I can't stay away. Okay, so majority of my favourites are from tk maxx and majority of these cost less than £4 each time, no wonder I've become a notebook hoarder at that price. 
O - Oi, With The Poodles Already - Gilmore Girls is life. It makes me smile every time I watch it and I'm counting down the days until the new series! 
P - Pets - I'm in love with my pets, and that's all I've got to say. My cat is a little shit who attacks me at every given opportunity and my hamster keeps me awake at night, but their my animals so I love them, y'know? We've had pets in the pasts, two rabbits which were the cutest, a 12 year old goldfish and our beautiful dog who we lost just a year ago. 
Q - Quiet - Quiet and confident...if there ever comes a day when I don't hear these words as a way to describe my personality, I'll be shocked. I'm a quiet person with low self-esteem and the majority of people who have spent longer than 5 minutes with me will immediately know this about my personality. One thing I'm grateful for, my blogging has really given me a boost I've needed, even if it's only a little boost. 
R - Reading - I want to be a little book worm,but I just don't have it in me. I have shelves filled with books, some I've read within days and others I haven't gotten further than chapter one. I also want to read more blog, I want to be indulged for hours with amazing blogs but I either have no time or I just can't. I read when I can, but it's never enough, I'd love for that to change...I like reading, I just don't always have the attention span.. 
S - Smile - Everyone in my RL know's my smile. I never really considered how much a smile can say about a person. People know my real smile compared to my fake smile and as much as I wish people didn't know the difference; sometimes it's amazing that people know me that well. 
T - TV Shows - I've already mentioned my love for Gilmore Girls. But I couldn't skip this without mentioning how obsessed I am with TV Shows. I'm so obsessed writing about the tv shows I'm loving and thankfully you'll seem to be enjoying it too! 

U - University - I graduated from university in 2014, I've always felt that my three years of studying and my degree have been a waste of time but it's something I apparently need to build up career wise. 
V - Viola Hastings - 'chew like you have a secret', anyone? I'm sure I've mentioned it once or twice but my all time favourite film is she's the man and Viola was the main character and oh my I love her. The film is hilarious and the perfect pick me up when I'm having a bad day. 
W - We The Kings - 
X -
Y - Yes - I need to start saying yes more! I'm petrified of new things and I'm missing out on opportunities, so I'd love to say yes from now on. 
Z - Zombies - I recently went on a Zombie run with work and I'm surprisingly proud of myself for getting through it, but I also realised that the zombie apocalypse is like my biggest fear.  
Turns out the alphabet and word associations is something I struggle with. I got to a point when I couldn't think of words for some of the letters -hence the missing few. But it was really fun and quiet positive to talk about my life, the person I am and the things that make me, well me! 


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