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It's Christmas Eve and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that it's almost Christmas...I know I failed on blogmas but I think I worked so hard on my first couple of weeks worth of content that my creativity sort of hit a wall after a while, I decided it wasn't worth stressing over and if I had to drop one of my many responsibilities for the last week - that it had to be blogging, 

But with it being Christmas and tis the season to be jolly, I knew I wanted to share some blogs I love with you, and with it being Christmas Eve, I'm sharing today 24 blogs to follow!

1. Katrina Frances
I met Katrina for the first time this year and I don't know if you'd understand how happy I am that I've made this friendship. Aside from the friendship I've made from meeting this girl,  she's also got the most amazing blog - filled with a variety of content, from fashion to beauty to lifestyle and baking, I'm obsessed!

2. Geek Gets Glam
I've met Becky a couple times over my years as a blogger, the first time when she organised a Lush blogging event. We'd not properly spoke until this year and oh my I'm so glad we did, I've never laughed as much as being around this girl. She'll turn even the scariest of coach journey's into something hilarious...she's also like an expert of Lush so she's officially my go-to girl. Her blog name gives her content away; with it's geeky side (which I love) with it's mix of lifestyle & beauty.

3. What She Did
First and foremost; if you aren't following Beth on instagram get to it now (here). I must admit that I hadn't seen Beth's makeup skills until this year and I've been obsessed with her looks ever since. She shared makeup looking throughout the seasons - especially the month of Halloween & Christmas and everyday she shared something more amazing. But the thing about this beauty isn't just her makeup skills but how kind hearted she is

4. GBeauty Blog
Gweni was another girl I met for the first time this year, I've never felt so comfortable in her company or laughed so much either, sometimes I'm quiet nervous at meeting new people and the day I met Gweni I didn't feel a single fear! Also have you seen her face? It's fucking gorgeous! Her beauty blog is amazing, she's got so much knowledge when it comes to makeup - especially when it comes to the eyes and lashes.

5. Vanity & Vodka
I met Steph when I met Gweni and Beth and I can't tell you how much of a lovely group of girl it was to meet that day, we all clicked instantly and I loved how carefree Steph, she just seemed so up for anything and I love that kind of attitude. Again similar to the others in this post, Stephs posts focus around beauty, fashion and her lifestyle, she takes some bloody gorgeous pictures and I'm a little obsessed with her blog name. 

6. Sian Marie Beauty
If you know me well, you'll know my love for Sian! I'd class Sian as one off first official blogging friends, the girl hold a special place in my heart. Last year she left the blogging world and I didn't think she'd return, actually she didn't think she'd return and let me tell you how happy I was when I saw shed posted again and luckily she hasn't stopped since. This girl has a way with her words and something I aspire my writing to be like, she's the pro to turn to when it comes to skincare or beauty questions...she's also the biggest enabler, the amount of things she's convinced me to order when I've definitely not needed them, good job I love you girl!

7. Belle Jar Blog 
I first found Sam through her #disneybloggerschat and I'm so happy that I did. I first came across her blog and was hooked, shes a Disney fanatic just like me and her blog focuses heavily on that; with a great mix of everything else too! Not only is her blog this fab creation, she's also the friendly person ever. We met a couple weeks back and I can't tell you how much I loved that first meeting, and I can't wait until it happens all over again. 

8. Griff Blog
Another girl I've met over the years and another of my first official blogging friends was Sam! We don't speak as often as I think we'd both like, but with both have busy lifestyles it's understandable to struggle but each time we meet its like no time has passed at all and that's what I love about her! She has this great sense of comfort and is so genuine and interested whenever we're chatting. I find Sam's blog very similar to Becky's (Geek Gets Glam) a touch of everything, with a great style of writing and the most gorgeous fashion photos - some of which I've taken for her! The first time I went onto Sams blog I scrolled for hours and was so in love with every post I read. 
9. Vee O'Sullivan. 
Did you ever hear about the time I fan-girled when meeting a fellow blogger? Well I did and it was to this delightful being. When I found Vee she was the most supportive of my blog and I was shocked as to why and since then I like to think we've formed a beautiful friendship and I have her to thank for that. She was so wonderful to meet and we chatted like we've known each other for years. Oh and her blog is just to die for, the photos and her variety of content gets me returning with each new post, keep it up girl, I love it!

10.  Sarah Alexandra
Ever need a friend who says it like it is? Or a friend who is just the most genuine, well that's Sarah! I'm not sure if it's just a general thing or just me, but I always connect well with girls named Sarah and I think that's why we're so connected! Not only that but she's got the most fabulous blog, it's filled with beauty products alongside some great lifestyle posts - mainly about her family and her gorgeous nephew & her disability, which if it wasn't for her I wouldn't know as much as I do now. 

11. Mermaid in Disguise
Something I find so lovely about blogging is the people I've met along the way and I've been following Beth since pretty early on and it's nice that we've been on this journey together. Beth's blog is amazing, filled with beauty and the occasional fashion posts too - oh and her face is beautiful, I think you should know that!

12. White Daisies Blue Jeans
I don't even know where to begin with Kayleigh, she is just a dream. We met for the first time in October and we instantly became besties! Both online and offline she has this amazing sense of comfort and I guess once you have that first conversation with her...you'll totally understand. Like the rest, she shares such a variety online and I love that, with a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle - which now has her sharing her life as a student! I'm slightly obsessed with her instagram game right now too!

13. Heart Shaped Bones
I read blog as much as possible but I have a few that keep me motivated especially when I'm struggling and Jess's blog is another one of those. I love Jess' blog for her fashion posts and to keep an eye on her hair as she's quiet experimental with it at time and I'm hooked with what she creates, it's got this amazing gothic vibe and my inner goth is screaming when I read her posts. Jess recently created a blogger zine where she had many many bloggers get involved with the creation and I can't wait to get my copy because I can already tell you it's amazing! 

14. Scarlet State
I don't think I've envyed a persons blog as much as I do Sarah's! Her photography is amazing, her editing and her design in general. It's blogs like Sarah's that I tend to read especially when I've lost inspiration - seeing her posts give me that boost I need to get back in the game. Another beauty blogger but Sarah shares some of her amazing artwork too and that is inspiring me to attempt art a little more too! 

15. Kayleigh Zaraa
Have you ever met a person online & you've instantly got along? I'm not even sure when me and Kayleigh began chatting, it just became this instant friendship and I'm couldn't be happier for that. I feel like we're such similar people and that's why? Her blog is one of my favourites and I'm in love with it, such got such a variety from her beauty, to tv and films and is a slight Harry Potter lover! Alongside Kayleigh being the best person to chat to online - her blog is also fab too and what I'm saying is you should follow her on all platforms! 

16. Emmy's Beauty Cave
Another fab beauty blogger and someone I'm slightly obsessed with is Emmy, I'd love to get my hands on her makeup collection and just swatch everything in sight. I've got a couple of beauty bloggers I know to turn to when I need some help or recommendations and when it comes to new makeup, she's the girl I turn to. Along with her collection, her photography is amazing...honestly get over to her site and be amazed! Emmy's also slightly obsessed with Disney and well that's perfect! 

17. Life of A Thinker
Ah Liam, you should all know about Liam! I think I've mentioned him enough times now. If I ever need cheering up, Liam will definitely be there to help out! He's got some great puns and well you all know 'bout those by now. Liam shared content which obviously a little different from the usual beauty posts I read, but they make for an interesting read and most of the time I learnt a fair bit...other times I'll be reading a great film, music or book review! 

18.  A Fickle Fox
Have you ever been drawn to a blog for it's design and beautiful photography? Emily's blog does exactly that for me, it's so ascetically pleasing and I 100% want my blog to become this one day! I took a lot of inspiration from Emily at the beginning of the year when I decided to dye my hair blonde & attempted the grey look! I'm also slightly envious of her fashion sense and I love how honest she can be! 

19. Poppies in October
I've been following Erin online for quiet some time now but I feel like we've bonded over the recent Gilmore girls revival and its wonderful to have found a connection with a blogger that doesn't really connect with our blogs at all! Erin shares a variety of posts online but I find enjoyment in reading her lifestyle posts, sharing her tips, thoughts or just sharing little bits and pieces. 

20. Emilina Love
First of all, have you see this beauty? She always looked incredible, she shared some beautiful outfit posts which I'm so gutted don't suit me personally, but sometimes that makes her a blogger I aspire to become. She's recently come home from travelling and living in Australia so alongside her fashion and beauty posts she's shared a whole lotta travelling posts and wow she's seen some beautiful places. Emily is such a kind hearted person and a favourite of mine to chat to online and I'm so happy that we've formed a friendship this year! 

21. Cattitude & Co.
Tara talks about subjects that almost scare me, but because of that I have so much respect for her! I've learnt so much this year just from reading her blog posts and seeing her passion for subject's over on her twitter. Tara inspires me so much because of that, slowly but surely I'm overcoming personal worries with a little confidence boost from some of the girl power posts on Cattitute & Co, thanks gurl!

22. Carpe Diem Emmie
I need some serious telling off soon! Okay, me and Emmie have always planned to meet and go grab a coffee together and somehow it's yet to be arranged - honestly it's my own fault as I'm the worst planner ever, but either way I hope to meet you in the new year Emmie! But as for her blog, it's another which keeps me inspired especially when I'm struggling! Unlike the other blog on the list, emmie shared a whole lot more lifestyle and I find that incredibly refreshing, I've also become really obsessed with going to the theatre and seeing musicals since reading reviews on her blog. Let's make that coffee date happen, please? 

23. Dinos Beauty Blog
Ive been obsessed with Emma's blog for years now! Her posts are always amazing to read and her photography is always on point! I've definitely taken a lot of inspiration from her photography. We've been chatting quiet a lot over the years and I'm so glad we still chat now, she's definitely that friend that you can go a couple of weeks without chatting to but nothing chances once those conversations start up again. If you haven't already I'd go shower Emma with some love because she totally deserves it.

24. All Things Beautiful
If I told you I was incredibly proud of a blogger, would you believe me? Because Jessie has worked her arse off this year and it's totally paying off - I've watched (online ofc) her graduation university, study her masters and is now living in London doing journalism and I'm so so impressed! Her photography & her blogging has become some of my favourites this year, you should definitely keep an eye out for this girl! 
Woah, 24 seems like such a small number...but I have so much to say with very little time to say in it. Each of these bloggers has made an impact on my personal and blogging life over the last 12 months and I couldn't be more grateful for that. Whilst I'm amazing with the friendships I've made this year, I can't wait to build on them more and more in the New Year.

As you can see I not only obsess with each person as an individual but also obsess with them as a blogger, I turn to this list of bloggers each time I'm in a blogging slump or know that one of these girls (and guy) will be around to pick me back up again - even if it's just a little mention on Twitter, it really really helps me out. Thanks for being my support network online and I can't wait to read more of your posts in the New Year! 


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