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In a couple days time you'll be reading my gender neutral gift guide but it wouldn't be See The Stars without a little bit of beauty. Whilst I know the true meaning behind Christmas and completely adore it, I just can't help but indulge in the commercial side of it all, the christmas songs, decorations and all those cheesy bits, alongside the gift giving.

Throughout the years of writing my blog, when creating christmas wish-lists I've always been one to say that beauty gift sets are a brilliant choice. It's a simple but effective present; perfume set? I always need more of those. Deodorant & shower kits? Yep, need those too! Skincare and makeup products - need I say it again? YES! I'm either easily pleased or us girls have the same thought process...do we? I'm just going to jump in and share some pieces I've picked up over the last few months - some we're brought with friends christmas presents in mind and others are a little treat to me, from me.

Anyone else get this instant want to have a shower once reading the selection box? I definitely do, all scents look incredible. There's a pattern in my purchases, especially when it comes to body products - I'll always go for the sweet scents, gimme everything that makes me skill smell sweet and amazing. Plus who likes to shower with any old shower gel! 

This is a gift I'm toying with keeping for myself, but also have a long list of friends this could go to. I've recently had my nails done at a salon and I feel extremely fancy and really want to take care of these and continue visits for upkeep - so in the meantime the nail file would be that perfect item to keep them tidy and at a reasonable length when I get a little lazy. And boy, the scent of the hand cream is delicious...ginger and pear not something I'd put together, but the mixture of the fruity scent of pear with ginger, it works. The perfect gift especially as a stocking filler - especially for Disney lovers. 

Whenever I'm struggling for gift ideas for friends; christmas and birthdays I always head to Lush.  I know not everyone is a lush fan and that's fine, I know which friends like the products and which friends don't. What I like about Lush is the variety of gift sets from £5 - £100 of boxes, filled with a variety of products! Any that include the snow fairy products are my all time favourites, but what I love about lush is the chance to create my own gift set..I mean I wish that was a thing, create your own gift set. But I love making hampers for friends and lush products work perfectly for that! 

Did you read my review a couple weeks back? If you did, then you'll be aware of how in love I am with the sleek lip creams. I'm a one application kind of girl and once the product has worn off...well it's very rare I'll reapply - I'm lazy, okay? Again another product I picked up with friends in mind, but have since decided to keep this for myself (sorry not sorry). For £5 you receive 4 mini matte lip creams with a full sized costing £3.99/4.99 I think this is the perfect gift for any makeup obsessive. You don't need to worry about choosing that one perfect colour, instead you've given them a choice from four. I already own the birthday suit in this collection - but I'm head over heels for the other three shades, velvet slipper & old hollywood in-particular caught my eye.  

From all the years of watching Zoella's youtube, I'm definitely aware that she's the girl to trust when it comes to christmas. She's like the picture of Christmas and that doesn't go unnoticed with the selection available from her beauty range. Personally I'm after a couple pieces from the range but I'm sure some will be available after Christmas too (hopefully). I definitely gravitate towards scents that remind me of foods, usually fruity scents but I'm a sucker for gingerbread; especially at this time of year. Again similar to the alice in wonderland set it's the perfect stocking filler and perfect for most girls in their teen years.

Everyday year I'll head to Boots for the beauty gift ranges and every years for the last couple I've picked up one of this sets for my girl friends. Ted Baker is a well known brand and that packaging alone draws me in every damn time. Another stocking filler of nail polish and a tinted lip balm. They tend to offer two different shades, a lighter and a darker shade - usually a nude and a darker purple/red shade.  I might be alone with this; but this would be that perfect little gift to receive, especially on Christmas morning that berry polish shade would look perfect for a day of festivities. 

This stash of products/presents have been hidden away in my bedroom for months now...mainly because I'm still deciding who's getting what and because every time I go near the boxes I want to tear open the packaging and keep everything for myself...I tried to kill two birds with one stone as they say but instead have tortured myself with so many pretty things. 

Are you always on the look out for beauty gifts? Whats on your beauty wish-list this year? 


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