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Ah, my favourite thing about Christmas - the films! It's become an important part of my blogging recently, sharing my thoughts on film and tv, so this has been a post I've been excited for since I decided to do blogmas. I've got quiet a lengthy list of films to choose from today, most of which I watched back in November others I'm holding onto until the last couple days before Christmas day - Home Alone being my top choice to save until Christmas Eve. Majority of these films I spoke about during last years blogmas but obviously I needed to create an updated version.

Watching films is something I enjoy most about the run up-to Christmas; on a cold evening with the fire burning and a hot chocolate in hand or snuggled in bed after a long day at work. I'm currently watching all tv series and films through my iPad or on my iMac screen - which is of reasonable size for my bedroom - but Tom's had his eye on a Panasonic Viera 4K HD television for quiet some time now and I've got my fingers crossed that we look into purchasing one soon as my watching game will be in top form. During my free time I spend a lot of time watching television series or the latest films - well let's be honest I'm always having a binge on Netflix, so I've not always felt the need for a TV in my bedroom but we're started putting money towards items that we can eventually take with us when we move in together - which is a while away, but we're prepared!

Hands down my favourite Christmas films - what better way to spend the run up to Christmas than watching my favourite films. I'm always torn between watching the first or second film; but these are my brothers favourite Christmas films so I tend to give him the choice and we'll watch them together. Honestly I think Lost in New York was the first film I saw NYC and the reason I've been desperate to see the beautiful city.


I tend to watch this all year round and don't typically class as a Christmas film but it's amongst one of my favourite films. I love to cross-over of the British and U.S lifestyles and seeing how the winter in London looks compared to the winter in Los Angeles. I think the acting from Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law & Jack Black makes this film what it is! The film shares glimpses of each of their lives and how each person (however long they've known them) can create such a change for each other.

I'm actually a little scared of the polar express - for most part I find it a cute film. It's got a wonderful message to children about believing in the magic of father christmas but there's a few scents that just creep me out. The film follows the magic train of the polar express as the kid who board are loosing faith in Santa Claus, there's lots of little struggles to the journey but they travel to the North Pole and meet santa and, it's oh so cute!

We all know Buddy the Elf, we all love Buddy, right? I watched this a couple weeks back and forgot how much I love the clueless elf. This is the perfect film to keep your spirits up and get overly excited over the festive period, Buddy finding his biological father and getting to know the real world of New York kind of breaks my heart but how he helps everyone believe in the magic of Christmas is just everything!

I hadn't watched this film until a couple years back - I somehow was aware of the story of George Bailey and It's a Wonderful Life, but somehow hadn't watched the film. It's one of my dads favourite films and a couple years back we watched it together one afternoon and I'm so in love with it! It's got such a powerful story behind it, sharing the story of the people in George Bailey's life is he wasn't around - it's wonderful to think how much one person can have effect on so many peoples lives.

I'm sure you're all in this with this film as much as I am and I'm sure I don't need to talk much about the storyline. It's go that hilarious British comedy and the style reminds me of things very similar to Bridget Jones. I love the simplicity of each storyline and how they all connect with each other.

This is the least favourite of the collection - but it's a classic so it had to be included! In true British style, I love the comedy and the kids in this film make it all the more hilarious! It's an improvised filmed based around the very popular school nativity. 

Okay, Okay so this isn't a Christmas film but it's a DVD of all the Christmas episodes (of the first couple seasons anyway). As a teenager I was a huge fan of glee when it was first released and I was thrilled when this was one of my presents and I've been watching this a couple days before Christmas ever since!

Now, if you've been a long-term reader of See The Stars you might remember this story and why I'm so utterly in love with this film! And if you haven't well...when I was 14 I was off sick from school with a stomach bug - I'd been off for a couple days at this point and was getting that 'stuck in the house' miserable feeling and my dad found the Christmas movie channel (which is now my fav movie channel). We'd watched this film about a girl named Eve who'd planned to get married on Christmas Eve but choose her career over her love life. 10 or so years later she regret's it all and is given a do-over and goes back to 1993! She get's to see her love again, she gets to plan her wedding and the same situation comes about where she chooses her love or new job! It has such a perfect ending and it snows and the credits start rolling....and it begins to snow outside my window too! I know it's weird timing but it was that little bit of magic I needed when I felt so sick! It's been almost 10 years since I first watched this film and I still love it today!

I think I admitted to this last year, but I think I watched this for the first time last year and it was awesome! Obivously I'm not a parent so I can agree to the full extent but this film really shows the struggles of how popular children's toys can be and how difficult they once and probably still are to get a hold off. It's such a family fun film!

One thing I wish I could watch more are the Hallmark channel Christmas movies. Typically tragic films are like my go-to, my all time favourites. I like predicability and tragic ha and this is one of those! A woman visits a hotel/cottage in the snowy mountains as her company is buying the place - it follows the man who grew up and lived in the cottage for years fight to keep everything the way it was! And i'm sure you could guess the ending, but as predictable as it is it's such a heartfelt Christmassy film.

Another Hallmark favourite which was on Netflix a few years ago and I'm actually gutted they removed it. It stars Melissa Joan Hart & Mario Lopez (better known as Sabrina the teenage witch and A.C Slater from Saved By The Bell) and again is quiet predictable and tacky but I loved it all the same. Trudie is single and hates the disapproving from her parents and kidnaps one of her customers to take home over the weekend. David fights to leave the entire trip but never manages to escape and of course by the end of the trip he's almost happy to stay!

Similar to Eve's Christmas this is one of my favourite films and again I watch each year! This film follows two people who have been pen-pals since they were young and have continued to talk into their 20's and they finally decide to meet one Christmas. Both are nervous and get their best friend to prepare to be them and get the feel for each other, but in typical movie fashion - the two meet anyway. I think it's an adorable love story for all four characters.

So many of these films have become tradition to watch before Christmas day and most I get excited and watch in November. There's so many of these I'm yet to watch this year so I think tonight once I've finished work I'll get into bed with a cuppa and watch some of my favourites...I'm thinking Christmas in Boston is top of my list! What's your favourite Christmas film?

*This post is in collaboration with Panasonic, however photography and thoughts are my own*


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