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It's getting closer and closer to Christmas and the panic is beginning to set in that I've got a few more presents to pick up. Thankfully, I've practically finished but it's finding those finishing touches for a couple of gifts and whilst I'm trying to find those last few presents I'm scrolling the internet for website's and reading as many blogger's gift guides as possible. 

I've always spied these colourful pieces in store and shrugged them off as something I possibly wouldn't get along with; but boy was I wrong. As you've probably noticed I've quiet the colourful and unique personality which I think match these gift sets perfectly and I know I'm possibly not alone with that last minute shopping panic alongside the unique personality, so I'm hoping today I help find you some inspiration for the friends your struggling to buy for this year.


Personally this is the one I'm most disappointed that I can't use, if you read my blog regularly you'll know that my house has a walk in shower so any use of bath products I have to pack a little bath essentials bag and head round to the boyfriends. This little bath set has Watermelon & mint bath salts, coconut body cream and passion fruit & lime exfoliating scrub. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the watermelon scent anyway, but I'm a sucker for a coconut scent and the passionfruit scents - and don't get me started on lime, it's like heaven to me. I've found this as the perfect gift idea, a little stuck on what gift to buy your friend who deserves that pamper night but you don't have a lot of cash to buy them everything, this little triple treat tower has practically everything and at a reasonable price. 


The Fresh apple fragrance with a twist of awesome! is the perfect tag line for this gift set. My head automatically tells me this would make the perfect gift for a pre-teen based on the scent and the design of the bottles but honestly the scent is beautiful! You all know by now that fruity scents just get me every time and this was no exception! I hadn't spotted this in store before and I almost wish I had - that lingering scent of apple is perfectly balanced with that twist (which is also bugging me because I can't figure out what that scent is), frustratingly whilst this is perfect they lasting power of the fragrance is minimal and I'm gutted about that! 

It's definitely the wrong time of year for these scents but oh my, my eyes would be heart shaped if they could. Again like everything else to me lip balms need to be fruity and you can't go wrong with this little selection. I can pop one in my makeup bag, one in my handbag and then have a spare - and that's now my plan to keep my lips smooth this winter. I don't tend to be fussed what packaging my lip balms come in as long as I can use it - annoyingly these tubs aren't filled to the top and whilst I've got false nails on; it's a little messy getting to the product. That being said, is my only fault with this set. You get three flavours: coconut - which smells exactly that a yankee candle and it's so sweet. Lime & sugar - is an extremely subtle scent which is possibly perfect for some people; but I'd love if it was a little strong. And my favourite is the mango - I've never thought much of mango but I've been missing that scent is beautiful. As you can tell I love strong & fruity scents and this is strong enough for me but isn't overpowering. 


Personally I'm not a huge fan of the nail gift set - it's not something I'd pick up and again something I'd pick for either a child or a pre-teen, it's got bright colours, a nail file and an easer pen! Which is perfect for anyone who wants to play around with nail art.

What I like most about these gift is they're perfect for girls and women, of any ages from child to adult, they're all perfect little gifts for any one who need and love a little pampering over Christmas. I hope this gave you a little inspiration for those last minute gifts; Happy Jackson is stocked in a number of online site and in-store; I've found that majority of the products are currently on offer in Sainsbury's! 

*This post was in collaboration with Happy Jackson, all products marked with an asterix were sent to me in return for a review. Photography and thoughts are 100% my own.* 


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