Harry Potter Studio Tour - Hogwarts in the Snow.



Gooood morning,

Apologies for the photo heavy post but I'm keeping the post short and sweet. On Thursday myself and my two best friends from work (hi laura, hi sam!) headed to the Harry Potter tour and it was wonderful! We'd brought Sam the tickets for her birthday back in June and it's the first time we'd been able to arrange dates off together and luckily we got to see the spectacular world of HP in the snow too! 

Sam and Laura have actually been a couple times before and we thrilled it was my first experience. We wondered through The Great Hall, got to see all the costumes and hair and makeup designs - which definitely interested the beauty lover in me. We got to see the sets of the Gryffindor common room, Weasley's home, Dumbledores office and Hagrid's home alongside many more sets. We got to experience Platform 9 3/4, check out the Hogwarts Express and Privet Drive. 

We got to see such amazing details and I learnt so much more about the magical world that is Harry Potter. I'm not going into much more detail as I want the photos to tell the story, but enjoy! 


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