Hello December.


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I know I'm not the only one whose wondering how we've got to December already, how this year has gone by so fast but here we are. In the final month of 2016 - I for one am excited to see the back of this year! On wards and upwards for 2017! 

You may or may not be excited to here that I'll be writing everyday in December - well up until the 25th anyway! It's something I've done each year since starting my blog, so why would I stop now. To start off the month I wanted to start with a little catch up and a round up of the last couple of weeks. I've also slightly (definitely) stolen this idea from Sian Marie Beauty. A lovely thought which I'm glad she's brought back when she returned to blogging last month, a little round up of the previous month and a little look into what the next month holds. 

What happened in November:

♥ Zombie apocalypse run in the woods and a Halloween party at work. 
 I performed with my dance school in our yearly dance shows. The dance school celebrates 25 years next year, of which I've been there 19 years or so.
 Me and tom had our very own firework display on bonfire night.
 I had time off work and it was the most relaxing 10 days. 
 I got to visit my aunty and her fiancĂ© in their new home, drank lots of vodka and ate some tasty food. 
 I met up with Bethany from (whatshedidx) and we filmed a YouTube video together, even if she did accidentally delete it. 

What's happening in December:
 I'm pre-writing this post, but hopefully today I should be at the Harry Potter Studios. 
 I wrote a piece to be included in Jess's new blogger zine - the blogging grotto. I'm so excited to see it all printed.
 Another week off work - it's time like this I'm grateful that I've saved up my annual leave. 
 Christmas meal with my dance family and my works Christmas party a couple days later. 

I made some great blogging accomplishments throughout November too! I've had the opportunity to work with some awesome brands and continue to do so throughout December. I reached 900 followers on my instagram and I'm getting closer and closer to my 2K goal on my blog. I'll be blogging daily throughout December and I hope I continue to enjoying blogging as much as I have this year! 

I hope you stick around and enjoy my posts throughout blogmas!


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